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  1. Yes, delete the SystemName=pilot or comment it out. Here's the famous Harrier jock body-double...
  2. Su-33 SKINS and INIs

    Correct-not present
  3. Smashing job sir!. Hearty congratulations on the release!
  4. Enter the Twister He blinked. Electrify me. Over my ahoulder
  5. Totally support this-in fact if you turn Iran into ENEMY you can simulate the exodus of Iraqi aircraft into Iran-atleast thats what I've done in Single missions. Campaigns are a totally different beast but not impossible. Suffice to say I've been having a total ball with both versions of this terrain from SCUD plinking ODS style to running B-one raids out of Al Udeid AB-the egress though the mountains with a posse of Persian Cats (or Tigers or Mirages) on your tail is the stuff that makes you keep coming back for more. Thank you Menrva!
  6. Super! Positively lusting for the EQ!
  7. 'I couldn’t tell where heavens stopped and the earth began'
  8. Some of the ODS missions have this ability but if you open the mission file in the Mission Editor it gets nixed. So it is possible through .ini editing.
  9. environmentsystem.ini if I am not mistaken.
  10. Did you say crosswinds. Try this: [BaseWindSection] BaseWindSpeed=4.17 BaseWindDirection=280 WindChange[01].ChangeTime=3.5 WindChange[01].ChangeChance=80 WindChange[01].SpeedAmount=25.00 WindChange[01].SpeedRate=50.00 WindChange[01].DirectionAmount=70.0 WindChange[01].DirectionRate=40.0 WindChange[02].ChangeTime=6.2 WindChange[02].ChangeChance=60 WindChange[02].SpeedAmount=27.78 WindChange[02].SpeedRate=55.56 WindChange[02].DirectionAmount=50.0 WindChange[02].DirectionRate=30.0 WindChange[03].ChangeTime=12.3 WindChange[03].ChangeChance=40 WindChange[03].SpeedAmount=33.33 WindChange[03].SpeedRate=66.66 WindChange[03].DirectionAmount=35.0 WindChange[03].DirectionRate=20.0 WindChange[04].ChangeTime=21.1 WindChange[04].ChangeChance=30 WindChange[04].SpeedAmount=38.89 WindChange[04].SpeedRate=77.78 WindChange[04].DirectionAmount=25.0 WindChange[04].DirectionRate=15.0
  11. Not unhappy at all-in fact the contrary which is why I was hoping it could be converted to a C pit as well.
  12. Please could you do this with the stock f-15 cockpit too? Brain32 did a mod back in the wings over days, but the SF2 cockpit adds some knobs and toggles that make simply copying over the relevant .bmp an inadequate solution unless it is redone again.
  13. As a matter of fact, Blackburn32 uploaded a rather striking version here:

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