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  1. Your First Sim

    F-117 Night Storm and therafter F-22 Interceptor on the Sega Mega Drive console - early Nineties.
  2. NSFW Ads

    If you are curious, click on the tiny 'exclamation mark' on the top right hand corner of the advertisement. For example here are some of the advertisements I am seeing at the top and bottom of the this page... You should be redirected to something like this: https://adssettings.google.com/whythisad In my case, Google would have me believe that the above ads are a function of: Information in your Google Account The information on the website that you were viewing Google’s estimation of languages that you may know based on your activity, such as your searches, while you were signed in to your Google Account Websites that you've visited Google's estimation of your gender, according to your activity while you were signed in to Google Happy exploring and tweaking - you actually have more control than you might believe. When dealing with my boy or the missus, I prefer to take the full diclosure and total candour approach (so much easier on the explanation front) - there's way too much information available out there to even attempt to filter or distill stuff. However, I do appreciate this may not work for everyone - try a separate profile for your kids if you do not manage to get satifactory results from any changes you make to your advertisement preferences. If you browse something NSFW, going incognito is also an option (this also has its limitations) if you dont want ad's showing up at inopportune moments. Cheers!
  3. None of ours End of the line. Unlikely escort Duel
  4. So much furore over someone's creative interpretation of what the MiG-31 or R-37's capabilities are. I can only imagine that if Foxhound and Raptor drivers got together for drinks, they'd be like, 'Guys, guys, check this shite out...' Take a look at the [DetectSystem] values under the MiG-31's data.ini and dumb it down. If you like driving the Foxhound (I for one do not) you may want to fiddle around with the [RadarData] values in the avionics.ini as well.
  5. And it turns out the wrong GPU was being referenced (I wonder how that changed!). Anyway fixed through the Nvidia control panel - in hindsight if only I had been more thorough with my investigation I would have been saved the trouble of a re-install!
  6. Thanks, even my hunch is that Nvidia is acting bitchy - I think its time for my annual reinstall. I've been playing a host of FPS games lately so something must have gotten porked. Anyway backed up overnight. Now to reinstall 250GB in between work. Sorry for the false alarm - wasnt making sense why the crashes were suddenly happening.
  7. Yep - I figure its an issue at my end. This is now happening on all my installs regardless of aircraft type. Ugh.
  8. Is there a less system intense version available? Somehow getting crashes at 40 -70% loading on larger more detailed terrains (but not so on your Novalogic inspired terrains). This issue is peculiar only to the new F-22A. Resizing the skins has not helped.
  9. A Moment of Introspection 'I was born in a cross-fire hurricane And I howled at my ma in the driving rain But it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas But it's all right. I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash It's a gas! Gas! Gas' Cats on the Roof Tops... And we're off! 'The empty world, from which the last cry Flapped hugely, hopelessly away Into the blindness and dumbness and deafness of the gulf' Wench, thy name is Exhilaration! Slipping the surly bonds of earth Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale of the moonlight? Go Cat! Go!
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Khafji#Beginning_of_Iraqi_offensive:_29_January As mentioned by Menrva, it is a defensive CAS mission. Historically also, there were a number of fratricides and Al-Khafji was an indicator of casualty trends in ODS. However, I have never seen AI friendly fire incidents except for for errant wingmen trying to ram me when forming up or a stray IR missile - this is new!
  11. A400M

    Are there any other skins for this bird?

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