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  1. I think JosefK is asking how do you manually guide the weapon; the answer to which query is you cannot atleast not in SF2. Till then enjoy the view from the WSO's office as provided by guuruu
  2. Not sure, but check this out and match with what you have:
  3. The Fulcrum of Falkenberg Bad Moon Rising Gun Stalking Home is the Aviator Strizh
  4. Correct. Confirmed - effectively best of both. My peeve was flying Guru's Tonka in ODS and being restricted to day missions with the Naval Campaign setting on (especially after reading an Air Power Review of Tornado operations which would not allow me to settle for less)
  5. Thank for this, Mirage F.1 team!
  6. Well, I disabled Naval campaigns and reinstated pre-NA style carrier entries for campaigns and hey presto: I now have night operations in ODS!
  7. Go Time! Call Me Ishmael MNF in Lebanon Bird of Prey Firebirds Egress with cover Taking in the view The Oldest and The Boldest
  8. If nobody told you this already, these are bloody awesome!
  9. TMF F-14A_82 Skin Pack

  10. Happens in SF2 also; so what did you fiddle with?

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