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  1. Realistic Terrain WIP

    That is gorgeous! Is it Israel?
  2. First among unequals Silver Surfer The Feint Snapshot Flyby Knifefighter
  3. Try this in your .data file: [AIData] MinAIQuality=Veteran MaxAIQuality=Ace AileronDeltaRoll=1.2 AileronRollRate=-2.5 ElevatorDeltaPitch=1.0 ElevatorPitchRate=-0.1 MaxPitchForAltitude=5.0 MinPitchForAltitude=-7.0 PitchForThrottle=0.0 PitchForAltitude=0.005 FormationSpeedForPosition=0.4 FormationSpeedForRate=0.5 MinRollHeading=5.0 MaxRollForHeading=45.0 MaxRollCombat=85.0 MaxPitchCombat=40.0 MaxRollFormation=5.0 FormationRollForPosition=0.002 FormationRollForVelocity=0.05 LandingPitchForSpeed=-0.15 LandingThrottleForAltitude=0.0 LandingThrottleForVerticalSpeed=0.0 TakeOffRotationAngle=7.0 FlapSettingForLanding=2 FlapSettingForTakeOff=1 Nothing like a Bone on the go... Valley high The Hazing We're Up. Puking Dog
  4. But of course, sir - much obliged if the fancy does come upon you. Tried my hand at striping only to realize my talents are quite wanting.
  5. I would think the 27 ad 73 are more a matter of slapping stripes on existing models:
  6. And the R-27,73 and 77 while we are asking
  7. On some maps e.g. SWUS, if you switch sides after designating the airfield, you can. Done it for Aggressor squadrons flying out of Nellis runways - great for parallel take-off screenies.
  8. Try this terrain and with the mission editor you should be able to place custom objects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Ardent_(F184) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grantham_Sound
  9. Try these: https://combatace.com/files/file/16990-sf2-cold-war-prop-and-flogger-fm-tweaks/
  10. Love the skins, Eric! Glad to see you are back! Been plugging your USMC skins on the ATARS bird here only to realize the cameras are missing. i think the model is there but the skin is not unless I am missing an update. Perhaps of interest to you?
  11. I think JosefK is asking how do you manually guide the weapon; the answer to which query is you cannot atleast not in SF2. Till then enjoy the view from the WSO's office as provided by guuruu
  12. Not sure, but check this out and match with what you have:
  13. The Fulcrum of Falkenberg Bad Moon Rising Gun Stalking Home is the Aviator Strizh
  14. Correct. Confirmed - effectively best of both. My peeve was flying Guru's Tonka in ODS and being restricted to day missions with the Naval Campaign setting on (especially after reading an Air Power Review of Tornado operations which would not allow me to settle for less)

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