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I've no shots of this, yet. What I can say is that it's half the price as Alphasims but also you have less load options and paint jobs. That said, there is no point in comparing the two. RAZBAM's is lighter on the frames offers the EA-6A and KA-6D and it's designed to fly from the VC. You also don't have to configure your fuel and armament weights to reflect what you are carrying.


I have both AS and RAZBAM'S birds, I like them both for different reasons. What I recommend is this, if you are new to flight sims take the RAZBAM, you wont have any unpleasant experiences an flight operations are for the most part easy. If you have some time under your belt and want to get a feeling of flying a loaded cement truck at low level and high speeds, get Alpha Sims, just setting up to land on the boat can be sheer terror. Like I said, I have both, and I use them both online, with no problems, so pick one or both, I guarantee you'll have fun.

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