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  1. I understand your wanting to integrate systems that are missing but as was said in a round about way is that this sim started out with a scenario for a Mid-East war as was done in the manga and anime Area 88. That said, the aircraft used were the Century Series along with their Navy and Soviet counterparts so any avionics that were coded were from that generation of aircraft. It took a few years to even get a CCIP ironed out and posted as a mod. The only thing we really got as far as AV/ORD systems as time went on were ECM pods and Chaff/Flare dispensers in the base game Wing Over Europe, if I remember right correct me if I'm wrong, on the modders side were the ordnance addons. I was a beta for a lot of those mods and put my years as an AO to use helping to tweek anything that went boom along with other AOs and AMMO Troop members here. As said before, this is THE modders sight for Third Wire games so if you have an idea try to make it work within the limits of the game, I agree that not having a working RAT is a drag, no pun intended, but to have one you would need to modify not only the ini's and other files but the airframe itself to have the thing show ingame and that includes the animations as well. If you just want to gundeck it and have the thing work in the cockpit without having and external model then it could possibly work as long as you can get the game files to cooperate. I'm sure that you'd get a few folks to beta the thing for you. Hopefully you'll either get it working yourself, inspire someone else to make one or go completely bat-s**t crazy mid point. Either way you have company in all three situations. IYAOYAS!
  2. IYAOYAS!!! Loved this, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which side of the bombs you're on, ALPHA strikes were done away with long ago as they are now called Stike Packages. That said, the last time I saw an Alpha was in 1980 as an ABF on the Sarartoga. The squadron AO's did the loading and I and my crew were busy doing the fueling part. I think it took eight fuel crews an hour and a half to top off every bird that was to be launched using two hoses per pump station. The last aircraft we serviced were hot fuels and it's not fun having an A-6 dumping it's exhaust on you in the catwalks. Did you know that the Intruder airframes had the exhaust ducts angled at a downward angle to improve short field take offs? It's not bad on shore but on the flight deck in summer? I think we all sweated off ten pounds from that afternoon. Thanks for reviving some good memories and some of the hairier ones too.
  3. Happy Fathers day to all my Co-Dads

    Same from me, Happy fathers day. At least none of you guys got a phone call from one of your best friends from the service wishing you a happy Mother :censored:'s Day. Still acting as a father, got rid of my kids only for the youngest to move back in and have two babies back to back. Step daughter so I can't be blamed, her real father screwed up raising her and only now is she getting along with me. Anyway, I'm the duty babysitter today since she at least has a job and not sitting around collecting welfare. I love my youngest grandsons though, the one year olds favorite thing right now is climbing on my lap and then falling asleep. At least he's getting somewhat easier to take care of, his brother is much more demanding and drives me nuts trying to figure out if he's in need of changing, feeding or holding. Sometimes it's none of those things so I fallback to the last resort, I get their grandmother to handle him.
  4. @ Capun & DAT

    That's the thing, I have given donations in the past to cover his costs but when you get told you're downloading too fast/much so I'm banning you it kind of kills my giving spirit. I never could undersand why he took all of his toys out of here and really doesn't like to share. Oh well, it's his site and stuff to do as he wishes, not going to let it bug me. Life is too short, and retirement is too fun to worry about shtuff like this.
  5. @ Capun & DAT

    Got banned from there last year acorrding to him it was too many downloads in one day. I was trying to get one of the campaigns that was in chunks and I was doing one at a time. I guess you have to the download one every 24 hrs and hope that it's not too fast. What ever, the forums are dead as far as I can tell and I don't really do any of the SF games anymore so **** it, I have everything I need on a spare drive and I'm sure that I can get anyting else from my buds. I do have to say that I'm proud to share company with such esteemed riff raff.
  6. Fallout 4

    Viggen, you have to tell me how because not matter what fix I use the damn thing fails to load, and I've done everything listed on the Nexus and other sites.
  7. If I remember the Zuni's were HE Frag with a point detonating fuse and the 2.75's were HE, HE Incindery and Flechete. They wanted to cause the most damage and casualties to Mr Charles on the ground. Flechete was not used as much as the HE and HE Frag because the VC would usually be dug in when they srang a bushwahck along the waterways. HE stood the best chance to take out those positions while flechete works good mostly on troops in the open. I also forgot that Napalm was used by them also, I remember hearing stories by one of my mentors that had been in VAL-4 telling the younger Ordies how nasty that stuff was to mix up.
  8. Fallout 4

    Steam is pre-ordering it now for $59.99 One of the only shooters that I waste time with nowdays, I do have FO3 but it won't run on my Win7 maching and the PC that has XP installed won't support it. One day I will have Three running but I don't know when. Guess I'll see what is new on the Nexus and then go shoot up the Wasteland
  9. I concur on the LAU-68 for the 7 shot pod having loaded quite a few on HAL-5's HH-1K's. The Ponies carried other ordnance aside from gun and rocket pods as the pics on this page show..... http://www.blackpony.org/bunos.htm Click the BUNO's that are blue for the pics, most of the shots show cluster bombs but I'm not sure of the type, it is feasible that they also carried the MK20 Rockeye series more often than not.
  10. Well, They're Doing It Again

    Storm, yeah it might be a slight bias but we were established to support not only the Teams but to provide dedicated CSAR capability, even the AF has sole CSAR helo units, and I have worked with the one out of Portland Ore so I really have no bad things to say about them. It's the fact that Tier 1 assets from all branches AND a few allied nations prefered to use our aircraft and crews when they had a choice. I know it sounds like "we're better, the rest suck" but it's more than just something simple as that. Having seen a break down on what will be lost the two things that stood out from that was this, Loss of assets 40%, 0% support for West Coast/West Pac Teams and other forces. I don't know about you but if someone said you lose almost half of your support for ANY branches SpecWar units that would be a matter of concern. Besides you know me, and you know the pride I take on those units, it would be terrible if I didn't rant on what is being done to destroy something that actually works instead of looking for what really needs to be cut, and believe me, there is fat in all the services that can be done away with and not hurt combat capability. I know that I'm not the only Firehawk or Redwolf that wants to know the real reason we're getting shut down again, considering that units that we helped either get started or continue have been suspiciously quite during this whole affair.
  11. Less than 5 years after being reformed the Navy again decides to decommission both SEAL Team helicopter support squadrons....AGAIN. Let me put that in perspective, at the end FY15, the Navy will once again be dependant on other services that have conflicting agendas, tactics and SOPs instead of an organic force that understands what the Teams need down to the lowest level for transport and support. HAL-5 set the base line and standards for low-level NVG operations in the 80's with HCS -5 continuing and fine tuning doctrine from 1988 til it's stand down in 2006. Both Reserve units HCS-5 and HCS-4 did multple tours to both combat theaters in the post 9/11 period until 2006, WITHOUT loss of life or aircraft to enemy action while the Army and AF assets went down to enemy action sometimes almost daily. As far as I'm concerned this is a slap in the face of everyone from the HAL and HCS communites as well as the guys that took on the mission in 2011 HSC-4 and HSC-5. I met some of those folks at various times due to shipmates from HSC-5 retiring or assuming command in the "new" Firehawks and knowing some of the Sr Enlisted they are not happy, to quote one man, "If they do this ( shutting down the units) don't recommission them later, I don't know if we can take the heartache". The Community that I came from and retired from have a very colorful heritage starting with HA(L)-3 and HC-7 from Vietnam and continuing with HAL-4/HAL-5, HSC-4/HCS-5 and later HSC-4&5. To think that at one point the Navy recognised it's mistake when it shut down the HCS units and reforming them 5 years later only to be enamorred with the cost savings of gutting not one but two Special Warfare support units is an insult and grave injustice to all the hard work, hours and emotions ivested in said units and heritage. My only wish is that if they do this and then wake up 5 or ten years down the line and ask for volunteers to start up again, everyman and woman that has experience give those asking the middle finger and walk away. Not that I'm or any of my mates are bitter about it.
  12. HC-1/HAL-3 and the Brown Water Navy

    I remember seeing this in HAL-5's Line Shack in the mid 1980's. Back then I was a seasoned AO3 in my first helo command and my only HH-1K unit. HAL-5 was a legacy squadron that was manned in the early days by HA(L)-3 Veterans. Of all the units I was in during the 80's and 90's the HA(L)-3 legacy units, HAL-5 & HCS-5, were in the top 3 of my favorites. Nothing like being in a Special Warfare unit to make you feel, well, special. Getting back to the video, one of the old Seawolves that was in the shop watching with us took up the story of the bird that crashed, and it being 29 yeqars ago I really can't remember what was said, but how he said it, with a crack in his voice told us that he was seeing it like it happened the other day. We gave him his space and I don't think I ever saw that shop so subdued in my entire time I was there. That crash and seeing the guys doing the salvage along with the first hand account hit us hard as we saw what our units job really was. If I remember right, I think one or two guys that were thinking about going aircrew transfered to VP-65 the next day.
  13. Still Kicking

    Well, I thought I'd let you all know I'm still upright and mobile. One of the reasons I kind of dropped off the radar here is just plain being lazy but if things had got real bad for me I'm pretty sure that Dave would have let everyone here know my status. If he doesn't he does now. Well first things first, last year around this time I decided 26 years of civil service I retired from the County Of Kern, Bakersfield Ca. No dinner no big goodbye, I just woke up one morning with an aching back and said to myself, "self, it's not fun any longer and I ain't any younger. Lets see what I get retired". Well I found that I'm getting about what I my net was without working so I took terminal leave, packed up my desk and potted plant, turned in my keys and ID and quietly left. I still visit and my friends still there are always telling me that I made a good choice as too many changes and cutback have really hurt morale and as a Union Steward I would have been in tears. So, I've been playing Strike Fighters and it's successors, still fun despite their age. Messing around with FSX and Train Simulator 2015, another couple of favorites as well as playing Fallout NV and some other sandbox games. I'm also slowly easing back into model building and making dioramas, my scale is still 28mm and 1/72, when I get something good built up I'll post the pics. My days oaf playing Warhammer 40K are done, no real good venues to play locally and the sets and even books are too expensive, I'll still do conversions and build a kit for what it is, a model kit, but my IG army is retired and those troops are settling a newly claimed world. Maybe a diorama showing some of them taming the wildlands would be a good idea for later. At the moment I'm reading a lot of fanfiction and even helping out a couple of authors with ideas, background info ( two of them are writing alternitive universes for an anime where the hero grows up to be a soldier on this earth instead of his home world ) and some minor editing. Never thought that I would be able to edit anything considering my poor English grades while in school. Thankfully as an adult I had to write business letters with proposals and reports and briefings while in the Navy and Civil Service. I'm also waiting to hear back from a guy about a story he put up for adoption, hopefully I can take it over and do a re-write. If I get it I may post some stuff here to give you all a taste. If that is not all I've got on my plate, in March my yougest girl presented my wife and I with grandson #4, grandchild #7. This one lives with us so I'm not only grandpa but the duty babysitter. His dad is pretty much worthless and is doing time in the county lock-up so by the time he's free the kid will have bonded with me insread of him. Best part is that since the worthless SOB is in the jug my daughter went out and found herself a job, her first, after a day of looking. She got her first paycheck the other day and is very proud of herself. With her actually working I have no problem looking after the baby. He loves listening to what ever I have playing on the radio or CD player so his musical tastes are going to be really messed up, he loves 1940's swing and late 70's punk. Only bad that's happened is being taken to the hospital I worked in at the end of Jan. I somehow messed up with my BP meds and OD'd one night. I woke up with my hearing and balance all messed up so we went to urgent care. They told me my BP was danger low and I had to go to the ER. When I got there all the staff that knew me took over my care. After about 3 hours with no improvement, I was actually getting worse, they told me that my kidneys had shut down and my liver was going to be next. The doc said he had one last thing to try if it didn't work, well... I got hit with a drug called Narcam, it basically purges any and all chemicals from your body and it is one of the worst things I have ever gone through. I actually thought that the treatment backfired and I was dying. Anyways, they got me calmed down and moved only to tell me that I needed to go through it again, this time the doc told me outright if it was not done I was going to die, nothing else was going to work at that point. Well one more ride through hell and my heart rate and BP started to rise. All in all it took 5 days in the hospital, 1 in the ER, 2 in ICU and 3 on the unit before I was stable enough to go home. It took almost a month before my kidneys recovered and at almost 6 months down the line I still feel like crap some days. Hell, it took almost a month before I logged back on to Face Book and before I was on daily. Anyway, that's my story as to why I've been missing and what I've been doing to with my time and I'm sticking to it. I might, just might get a new paid membership so I can mod SF some more, but with Fallout 4 in the pipe my gaming choices are going to get tougher. Hopefully you all will forgive my dissapearence this time around and I'll try to post more often. I am saddened about Jug, he was a great guy and as I said in his thread, one of the ones that made me feel at home here when I first showed up on the BioHaz's doorstep.

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