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STL The Aftermath 1.7 released

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Now that I back from my time offline (moved house), we now have a new release for you all. Aftermath 1.7 is now ready to download for all.


Aftermath 1.7 (Legacy Files)

Aftermath 1.7 (OPTG)


Aftermath 1.7 - Change Log and List of Updates:

  • Inclusion of Public Beta Patch
    • Temporary German translation of Interface in English (critical error correction)
    • Ingame interface visibility improved


    [*]Historical Missions mode

    [*]6 Historical missions (fully scripted, individual script per mission)

    • Ultimate Computer
    • Wrath of Khan
    • Yesterdays Enterprise
    • Reunification
    • Way of the Warrior
    • Paradise Lost


    [*]4 new community made maps

    [*]Armada modes scripted (all individually scripted)**

    [*]3 new Light Armada mode maps

    • Napala (ENT Vulcans vs ENT Romulans)
    • Khitomer (TOS Klingons vs TOS Romulans)
    • Lareux (TNG Romulans vs TNG Borg)


    [*]Key mapping

    • Cloak (y key)
    • Long Range Sensors (u key)
    • Self Destruct (i key)


    [*]1 new Death Match map (Armadus, player count corrected)

    [*]7 maps lighting improvements (stock, stage 1 and public beta maps)

    [*]2 additional speeds (RCS and 3/4 impulse)

    [*]Explosion behaviours enhancements (ongoing changes and refinement)

    • Torp impacts give off bursts of light


    [*]Updated splash for 1.7 release

    [*]4 load screens in new format (gradual change for rest)

    [*]New Aftermath intro video

    [*]Updated registries

    [*]Improved textures/glows

    [*]Vibration enabled (beta stage, ongoing testing)

    [*]Vulcan ship overhaul (stage 1)

    [*]TOS photons corrected

    [*]Several ship readjustments

    [*]Upgrade System refinement and balancing

    [*]Foundation work for 1.9 release

There will be a patch released soon for some fix ups and hte German translation

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Throughout the next couple of days we will be updating our video and image galleries that we have all over the place, at the moment I concentrating on just ModDB but later on today we will work on Live Video and the image gallery over at STGU. We still have around 50 promo shots to go up and we will be putting out small picture download packs too.


We currently have 2 new video up at ModDB which will later be mirrored over at Live Video. The video footage is of two Armada mode maps 'Ukari Sector (Heavy Armada, Hailing Frequencies promo video)' and 'Mercy at Lareux (Light Armada)'. We be putting footage up of the first cycle of historicals too over the next few days.


The cut off date for all 1.7 promo is Easter, after that all promo material will be of the 1.9 release.


Aftermath videos at ModDB


**Please note that all video from the 1.7 release and beyond will now be in the DivX format and not the Xvid format, there may be slight loss in clarity as we are now using DivX. Also ModDB has a different video player to Live Video so their will be a slight visual differ

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A little sneak peak at how things are coming along for the 1.9 release...




And there is another one too icon1.gif...


Maybe next week I will show it in action

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Happy Easter to all you people, we got some Easter presents for you too in the way of videos. I dont know if the rest of you people have Easter at the same time as we (Australians) do. Today you have just under 15mins of footage from 1.7 to knock yourselves out with and Ive also finally updated the Live Video page too (about time...). These two videos will most likely be the last footage seen from 1.7, all videos after today will be of the 1.9 release.


Aftermath at Live Video (Ultimate Computer)


In video 1, you get 5mins of footage from our Ultimate Computer mission. You get to see a few areas that have been introduced into 1.7 such as our TOS photons, the orbit command and the new engine speeds in action. Our Historicals always are more than just shooting some ships up and the mission over, this level of depth in the Historical area is yet to be handed to the public by other teams. We want people to do more than just shoot a ship, in the future there will be some Historicals that will be non-combat oriented...


Aftermath at Live Video (Khitomer)


In video 2, straying completely away from non-combat, we have many ships shooting the [censored] out of each other courtesy of the Light Armada mode map "The Khitomer Massacre". You have about 10mins of war footage to look at here, if you like things that go bang then this is for you as there plenty of it. Now this plays slightly different now in 1.9 as the Romulans are in the middle of being overhauled in many areas (including weaponry). So this is the last bit of 1.7 footage with regards to TOS era Romulans.

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Now onto our first major news piece for 1.9, we got alot to go through today.


First up, we got new members on the team now. Since 1.7 we have had 3 new modders join up to Aftermath. First up is Barihawk, he came on just before 1.7 dropped but he is working on the ENT era at the moment in balancing and new ships area (more on that later). Second member is our latest one to join up is Trekky/Conner. He will mainly be working in the scripting area but he also be on over at New Gen too. The two teams will be training Trekky/Conner in scripting and mapping so each team benefits. Our third member is an already established modder that has had over a years experience with Legacy. Accurus has signed up with Aftermath, he has had very succesful run over at TLG and has been around throughout the development of Aftermath (in fact, he actually came up with the name of the mod way back last year). Many areas of Aftermath are shared with both TLG and New Gen and all the teams work well with each other.


We also have people that do work on Aftermath but not on a permanent basis such as Dontdrunkimshoot/Fangoriously of the OEM mod. He helps out with the Vulcan ship area and several other odf areas. We also work together in other areas too. Also we work with New Gen alot too in a few areas that are in development.


Work on 1.9 is going well. Our first bits of material we have been showing are our map rebuilds of all stock maps (including campaign) and our new Borg Cube textures. Alot of the stock maps have had drastic changes made to them that give them a whole new feel, some of the most drastic changed maps are Ikalia, Klothos and Taugus. Our Borg Cube is the work of Skeeter and is very impressive and finally looks formidable. The visual difference with our Cube is the first of many changes the Borg will be having for 1.9.


Other areas in development are the expansions of the Historicals, One on One, Evolution and Armada modes (more maps/missions for them) plus the inclusions of new modes (the modes will be announced later on in development). We have also just begun our first major revamp of the weaponry system from weapons themselves right through to weapons behaviors and characteristics. One such new behavior is the phaser impact against a shield has been revamped to give off light and the colour of the phaser will show up in the impact area on the shields to give an overall effect of heat dissipation.


Gameplay will also be overhauled too with more importance being played on ship selections as there will be advantages to picking certain classes over others such as the inclusion of cloak detection in some classes. What we are doing is further distinguishing the ship classes from each other.


There be plenty more videos and shots put up over the coming development cycle of 1.9.


specialin5.th.jpg taugusafter8lj1.th.jpg taugusafter6al0.th.jpg taugusafter1gp5.th.jpg klothosafter3kc7.th.jpg klothosafter5tm1.th.jpg ikaliaafter3yg3.th.jpg ikaliaafter5hl4.th.jpg alphahydriafter1wl4.th.jpg alphahydriafter2yl2.th.jpg

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