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  1. Aftermath 2.0

    Been very long tim esince we have been here but we been working on our next release... Aftermath 2.0 release imminent! As we are currently in final testing stages of our first Cycle 2 release, we are giving you all a clip on some of the new areas we have been working on over the last several months. This development cycle (from 1.7 to 2.0) has been our most difficult to date but we have closed up development of 2.0 and are putting the final touches to the release. Aftermath 2.0 is our largest release to date and also introduces many new areas from the team. This is our first release where we have worked in the texture field. For our first venture into this area of Legacy we have yielded some very impressive results. Many ships from ENT right through to TNG have been retextured by either ourselves or by means of gifts to Aftermath (some exclusive gifts which are only available in 2.0). Our ENT era Feds have been retextured (one of our exclusive gifts), TMP Feds have also had some visual work done to them (courtesy of the guys at TLG). Then we have our Borg, all completely retextured in-house. Not only have our ships gone under the knife but we have also got a few new weapon looks too (all gifts from OEM). Ships and weapons weren't the only area to receive a new look, so do our explosions too and all done in house. We also have a few new backgrounds too. Something else that gets a new look is our Cycle 2 interface, Ascension. Ascension will be a multi stage release though for 2.0 Ascension will be a skeleton. We have big plans for Ascension which will change the way interfaces are created for Legacy. Ascension is the first non-Federation interface for Legacy and it has many tricks up its sleeve… We have also made graphic improvements to the entire mod (non-texture based improvements). Although we have decided not to go with the current trend and incorporate Shaders 3.0 into Aftermath. And what have we done to gameplay?? Many things have changed. We have our ENT and TNG re-balances done for all races (TOS/TMP is planned for 2.2). These changes have resulted in more challenging oppositions and have limited the 'god-like' abilities of several ships/races. Something else we have done to gameplay yet again is our new AI. Aftermath 2.0 has a new build of AI that is more alert, smarter, cunning and much more. Our AI is becoming more and more ruthless with each release we put out. Some of the things you will notice our AI do is make more use of special weaponry (cloak, sensors and self destruct), team tactics (ships team together to take down stronger enemies), advanced threat analysis. This means our AI is making better target decisions against enemies that it can take on and survive. If the chance of survival is low, watch the AI team up to take down enemies. Our AI are capable of a whole lot more from advanced fleet teams (ships group together on terms of payload and not type and stretch too multi race groupings). We have our lag-reducing AI back now too. We have not one but three new game modes introduced in Aftermath 2.0, one being a return of an old mode after over a year of inactivity. The Survival mode returns to Legacy (though it never left as its first outing is in another mod). After 2.0, the Survival mode will be scripted. Our other new game modes are script based modes called 'Earth Romulan Wars' and 'Starfleet Academy'. The later is a 'learners' mode that introduces players not only to the ships systems but introduces them to new tactics (the mode currently has only one mission for 2.0). The 'Earth Romulan Wars' is our first of many campaign-type modes we will be introducing throughout the Cycle 2 release. For 2.0, the mode sets out in the ENT era and creates its own path in the lead up to the Romulan wars. We have much more in 2.0 ranging from countless scripting changes, tutorial updates, the entire Death Match map rebuilds and restructuring, brand new maps (Death Match, Co-op Wave, Survial, ERW, SFA, Historicals). Co-op Wave has had a small explosion in 2.0, we now have more than double the offerings for that mode as opposed to stock and any other mod. But that's not all that's started to change with Co-op Wave, we have the first set of new Co-op Waves which switch up their enemies depending on era and have incorporated the advanced map design principles of the Armada and Survival modes. We also have the very first Borg based Co-op ever made. Last but not least, Aftermath will release with a full German translation (and one that actually works this time…). Our German players will now be able to play Aftermath just the same as the English speaking players. Our German counterpart is our most vital aspect to Aftermath's international appeal. Aftermath has changed… More videos and a few small bits of insight or whatever into the 2.0 release. You get not 1, but 3 videos were put up today all over the place. Two are at Youtube and one is up at ModDB. All different footage of various areas we all been working on, lots of explosions too as ships generally do blow up after a while . Now onto the 2.0 insight thing, our internal compile is done (bug ridden and all )and we onto testing the stuff out. In a little over a week you will be looking at around 150mb download. Masonite Quarantine Zone (Alternate footage, ModDB) More videos over the coming week
  2. Aftermath 2.0

    Some more small promo bits for today with the whole focus on maps. For Aftermath 3.0, things in the map department change. As always a new release sees new maps thats something that comes standard with any large mod release these days. What will be different in Aftermath 3.0 are that there will be no stock maps present in Co-op Wave or Death Match. The only stock maps that will be in 3.0 are the campaign. That is not all that wont be in Aftermath 3.0. Aftermath 3.0 will have a brand new Death Match map set. What does that mean? Well all previously released maps that appear in Death Match will not be in Aftermath 3.0. This includes maps from the add-ons for Aftermath 2.0. The only maps that will be present in 3.0 from earlier Aftermath releases are all the mode maps and Co-op Wave. There will only be few pre 3.0 Death Match maps in Aftermath 3.0 and they will appear in other modes (Aruba and Xavira Outpost are a couple). With the DM maps its a case of out with the old and in with the new. --------- Moving on from the loss of maps in 3.0, what is on show today is one of the new maps that will be in the release; Negara. Negara is one of the prototype maps where extensive testing of the cascade and pulse lighting happens. This map is also one of the first maps of its kind to introduce alternative light sources in the map. This map also contains new methods in starfield creation that differs from the norm. With the cascading light in full effect in Negara, it gives the impression that the map is alive with how it will send light through the nebulae and show off the pulse/heartbeat light effects.
  3. Aftermath 2.0

    I wanted to show the 'triplets' today but still cant decide on the final versions of them. The 'triplets' are three Romulan ships that have come in for mass overhauls, one of them being the Gryphon which I will show today. For show today are two bits of retexture work on both the Gryphon and the Preator. The Preator now has a more industrial look to her. Sort of like a ship without having its paint job. It suits the role of the ship more with having a more minimal look. The second texture work being shown is the Gryphon which has had a complete overhaul. Even though it is still the same model, it looks completely different and a much more sinister yet elegant look to her which ties her in more with the later era Romulan ships. Also on show is one of the new prototype maps, 'Nepera Dissi'. This map is one of only a handful of maps that are currently running to full use of our new lighting engine. These maps take longer to make as the light sources are tweaked and balanced to provide tonal lighting and to portray light and shade in the maps. The map also introduces a new 'cascade' type nebulae effect and a finer 'mist' styled nebulae almost exactly what was seen in First Contact or Insurrection. And final ones are a couple shots showing how the new light source reacts with suns. You no longer just get that glare burst. This showcases the tunnel effect in the lighting engine. The closer you get to a sun the more blinding and intense the light gets till you can barely see where your going (will become very dangerous as development heads on when interactive environments come into play). The light is far more solid and gives off rays, flares, strong bursts of light and something new from the lighting engine is pulse lighting (where a sun will imitate a 'pulse' or a beating heart when a ship is too close). Some of the nebulae also display pulse lighting and some even enhance the effect of a pulsing sun to display unique lighting effects where the nebulae picks up the pulses and sends it through the nebulae in a cascading light.
  4. Aftermath 2.0

    As many people now know, all development on Aftermath 2.0 has officially come to an end with Add-on Pack F. Aftermath 2.0 was the most successful Aftermath release to date and not only made its way to many people but saw the mod gather recognition for its efforts in showcasing the best aspects that the Legacy engine is capable of to not only the Star Trek modding and gaming communities but also to the much larger modding communities thanks to heavy exposure at ModDB. Since late September last year, I decided I would like to do another major release but wanted to hide development of it until the time was right to bring it to public attention. That time has come. Aftermath 3.0 is not just additional features thrown onto 2.0, this new release is a complete rebuild of Aftermath and Legacy itself. Everything that made Aftermath in the past has come in for mass overhauls. Everything in 3.0 is changing. The first change you will see is the introduction of Legacy's most advanced interface to date, the Nepthys GUI. This new type of interface has built in Ascension features plus many new features of its own such as the QID (Quick Info Display), Showcase Applications and Media modules. Apart from the new features, the interface is a complete new and original design taking the Romulan themed interface into new territory. The minimal look achieves a sense of elegance yet a sinister overtone to bring the interface into a life of its own. Something very new to Aftermath are the inclusion of new music from one of our new team members. All new music making its way into Aftermath 3.0 are composed by Ermis Koukaris. The track playing in the video is one of his tracks and is the new theme track to the 3.0 intro video. Ermis also has come up with new music for the interface and other races too. More area in the sound department has been made by Trekky which are new effects for some of the new and older races that are in 3.0 Aftermath 3.0 not only ventures into sound for the first time but also into the graphics department too. Featuring a new dynamic lighting engine that gives off more defined light, the changes have resulted in more consistent shadows, more tonal depth to the lighting and more realistic shadows. Other changes to our graphics have resulted in higher detail in the ships and in the environments themselves. Another groundbreaking effort for 3.0 is the first true enhancement of the Legacy performance engine. What does this mean?? Well through much streamlining of key areas of Legacy, we have officially been able to improve the performance of Legacy itself for all different users. The minimum requirements have been relaxed to allow the low end users more performance without the need to upgrade their computers. High end users have been reporting far smoother and solid gameplay. It is still early days in our performance development but reports from low end users are showing the most improvements with a framerate increase of 40-50%. Mid range users have recorded frame rate improvements averaging around 10fps. High end users have also been reporting frame rate improvements. All this has been achieved along with new graphics to put Aftermath into a league of its own. As Aftermath has always pushed the boundries, we are also introducing new races into Aftermath. What these have to do with pushing the boundries is one of the races heads into new territory; the Terrans are becoming a seperate race. However, they arent just getting seperated from the Federation. The Terrans will have their own design lineage. This means there will be ships unique to the Terran race such as the Bangor class. Some Terran ships will still be of the Federation with extra's variety but this is the first time the Terrans are being treated as a seperate entity by giving them their own sense of individuality. Some ships already in Aftermath will make a shift over to the Terran race. For the time being, the Terrans are one of a few new races that will be in Aftermath 3.0. New races also mean new ships. This will be our first release where we pay attention to adding ships into Aftermath. Most of our new ships are developed in-house by Max Loef, Fluxx, Firetroll and Skeeter but we also have ships coming in from the community. Some ships that are making their way into Aftermath are not just a first for us, but also their first venture into Legacy. AI has always been a very big part of Aftermath and with 3.0 that is no different. Unlike other releases where we have made improvements to the AI, 3.0 sees the introduction of the EAI system (Emotive AI). No it dont mean our ships will throw on the water works when coming under fire, the EAI is the most in-depth AI system created for Legacy. Each race displays their own characteristics and their nature is shown more evidently through characterisations that the EAI emulates. This level of depth is something that has never been attempted before in Legacy and is our largest code undertaking we have attempted since our first physics overhaul. The team has also expanded too. As mentioned above, Ermis Koukaris is one of our new team members. Newcommer to Legacy modding is Efigy, a new team member that will be assisting myself with promo and be trained in other areas of Legacy. Another new team member is Pheonix from UUM. Pheonix has become a permanent member on the Aftermath team and has already started contributions to the release with ships and more. There is much more coming in Aftermath 3.0...
  5. Aftermath 2.0

    Very small promo this week as much bigger announcements are coming in just over a weeks time. Also not much promo will be done this week either and mod work too as something happened yesterday which is far more important than modding. So that part is mainly going to have my interests for the next few weeks until it is resolved and everything gets returned to normal... Again very small promo this week, your only getting two shots. Here is a WIP shot of how the Aftermath versions of the Guardian and Battlebird class are shaping up. The Guardian was released to Legacy a few months back by Pheonix and also in UUM. For Aftermath, the ship is getting a complete overhaul. At moment the main focus on the Gaurdian class was fixing its texture issues (incorrect alpha assignments) which has been done. Second part to its overhaul is brand new roll bar textures. The third part will be the transformation of the ship into a more aggressive look. The Battlebird has alot of issues with it and again its coming in for a complete overhaul. The Battlebird is also in UUM 1.5 aswell as that is where it comes from. Like the Guardian, the Battlebird will be going under extensive overhauls before its publicly released in an Aftermath release. Unlike the Guardian, the Battlebird has other issues which will most likely see the Battlebird be released later on in the year. Its first job was again correcting its alpha channel assignments. Both ships are by Pheonix from UUM. These were the two other ships that were slotted in for Pack F but due to issues surrounding the two ships they were kept out. The Guardian will be in the next pack (Add-on Pack G) as all that is needed for that is new roll bar textures and then its texture overhaul can be complete. There are other news with the next Add-on. There are two bits of news that relate to it but the other news gets announced with the major news piece in just over a weeks time. The news we are giving you today is Add-on Pack G has been pushed up and will be released in just over a weeks time. Pack G will be quite possibly the smallest add-on we will put out but there is a reason for it. Add-on Pack G will be out roughly a couple days before the major news announcement. Currently Pack G contains the Guardian, a couple new maps and some physics corrections. We may also release another one of Max's ships and maps, we still have a few left we may put in. Massive changes are coming...
  6. Aftermath 2.0

    Add-on Pack F is finally released!! We a bit late with this pack as some last minute issues arose with some of the other content that were suppose to be in the pack but they will be in the next one. Pack F is one of our smaller add-ons but it still holds a large amount of content. Pack F contains a first outing for one of the 3 contained ships. This is the first time Max's Neptune class has been seen in Legacy. Max also has two other ships in this pack, the Charger and Challenger class ships for the TMP era. All of Max's ships have been worked into Aftermath by Dontdrunkimshoot. Also contained in the pack are new textures for the Norway, Nebula and Steamrunner class ships. The pack also contains one new map, Tempest for Death Match mode. This map is an experimental map which showcases advanced map lighting techniques that will filter out across later releases. There will be more news on the Tempest map at the end of the month. Also included are control key issues that were found. In earlier releases, certain code was left behind causing ship selection issues while in-game. This experimental code has been removed and hopefully frees up the bottleneck that was created. You can pick the pack up at our site only for the time being. Later it will be sent in to ModDB, Legacy Files and Hailing Frequencies. Head to downloads to pick up Pack F
  7. Aftermath 2.0

    Promo time again. Wont be doing this for much longer... Pack F will probably be out next week we are currently doing final touches to it and rearranging the contents of it. At moment two of the new ships that will be in it are having a few 'issues' which worst case is they will get delayed before being released in an Aftermath install. One ship wont take one specific area of its textures (this particular ship gets new textures for its outings in Aftermath) and the second ship dont like to be seen in the ship select screen and it too has the same problem as the other ship and its the same area. It could be something wrong in the m3d/dds file itself (spelling error) but its very strange that it effects both ships in the exact same area. Apart from ships doing strange things, we wont be putting in as much into the packs as before. The goal is to keep them small. Some new things coming in Pack F are the new Norway and a new map called Tempest. Tempest is a prototype map that utilizes advanced lighting techniques and mechanisms. It is the first time multiple light sources have been combined with a constant light source to give a new level of lighting to maps and we are not just talking about directional and ambient light either. These new lighting techniques provide a new level of depth that has unlimited possibilities. Now Tempest will look slightly different to how it looks in these shots. These come from a proto build of Aftermath which is very different to a normal Aftermath install.
  8. Aftermath 2.0

    Your weekly promo. We got many things we want to show but we have to keep a lid on those for the time being but many many good things... What you get today are shots of our new Nebula, it got its second texture update (first was from Accurus). The textures have been re-worked to provide more detail but less 'war-like' as the Nebula class was an all-rounder and not built for a specific task. We still working on it but its a WIP so far. The other two shots are of one of our new maps called 'Illuminii' by Fluxx. Its a small 3 player map in a Borg controlled system with several Borg stations throughout the map. Its also one of only a few maps that have less than 4 players. Next month we will have some more news to bring but towards the end of the month. Add-on Pack F will be out in a little over a week and that will be all for Aftermath for February. Its been a busy month for Legacy modding.
  9. Aftermath 2.0

    Something special for everyone, the first of two packs for February; Add-on Pack E. This pack is a special once of pack as we will be having two packs instead of one for the month. Pack E contains nothing but new ships, 5 in total. What you get are the Apollo/Saladin (new model), Belknap, Glancer,Federation and the Federation Refit. The Apollo/Saladin is the first outing of the ship for Legacy. The other ships are Aftermath versions of Max Loef's TMP ship packs (released seperately to Aftermath and before Max joined the team). There are also several file fix ups that relate to these ships, plus a temporary fix for the Miranda Refit issue (all missions related to this ship will be fixed for Pack F). Also this will be the first and last time some of the ships contained in this pack will be seen in their usual place in Aftermath. Those few ships will take on a different life later in the year... You must have the January build of 2.0 or all the previous add-on packs for this to work. You can get it by heading over to our site to pick it up from our downloads section, or you can wait for the ModDB and Legacy Files mirrors that will be up within the next day or two. Our site link is below. Aftermath Add-on Pack E (head to downloads section)
  10. Aftermath 2.0

    Presents for you people, Pack D. Add-on Pack D is now ready to download!! In Pack D, we have two new maps from one of our new team members, Fluxx. The two maps are Adelphin and Esphexis both available in Death Match. The maps are for 4 and 5 players respectively. We also have three new Terran ships from IKS Yo Mama, they are a Terran Discovery, Terran Minuteman and Terran Daedalus. All three ships have their own stats but still share the normal Federation registries at this point in time. We also have four ship retextures in too. We have a new Klingon Negh Var and Stalker, Federation Y/Fortunate and Romulan TOS Bird of Prey textures. Also contained are a few file fixes within the One on One modes and our Read me files. Now we have said Pack D wont be as large as the other two packs as we have the recompile and the 4 packs in 1 download coming. You get Pack D today, maybe tomorrow or next day after that the Packs A-D download will be ready (its ready now, just not up on our site). The 2.0 recompile comes out in February. February will be a big month for Aftermath as we will have 3 releases out. First being the 2.0 recompile which will be out either 1st or 2nd of February, then you have Pack E at the end of February but we will also have another add-on out mid February. We may call it the next Pack name or give it a seperate name. Either way your getting a recompile and two add-on packs for February. Head to downloads section to pick up Pack D
  11. Aftermath 2.0

    Another week and some more promo. We will be pushing back the release for Pack D/2.0 recompile till February due to technical difficulties again... Though there is a chance Pack D will be out within a few days but we are going to wait and see how big Pack D will be before that decision is made. Though definitely the recompile of 2.0 comes out either 1st or 2nd February. Pack D, this will probably be the last promo for it before its release promo. What we have today are shots of our new Negh Var and Fortunate class ships aswell as a special showing of our Terran Minuteman (by IKS). The Minuteman is one of three new Terran ships we have in Pack D. The Fortunate class now looks more like an ENT era ship with its updated textures. Once Pack D is out, things will be quiet promo wise for the next couple weeks as I have a brutal schedule on. Between work, birthdays and other things, Summer is always pretty full on for me. We will still have a pack for February though. For those that live in the top half of the world, enjoy your freezing cold winter :P
  12. Aftermath 2.0

    Back to our weekly promo. There wont be much content in Pack D as opposed to our other packs at this stage as everyone is working on things for later in the year. At moment all we got lined up for Pack D are two maps, two retextures and thats all. We have shown other ships but at this stage they are not fully incorporated into Aftermath and we also still deciding on where exactly they will be too (the ships may not even be for Federation even though they are Fed design ships. More on that at a later date). Might put the Glancer and Belknap in for Pack D. We actually have a fair bit of work that has been sent in that hasn't been placed into Aftermath (maps, ships, more Terrans). We also have the 2.0 recompile and we wont be putting much into Pack D for that reason. There are a few internal things going on, making sure the entire team is up to speed on where everything is going and making sure everyone is where they need to be in order to get started for the year. Just the general 'foot up the bum' routine . We got a big year ahead of us and doubt has kicked in already !! Whats on show today, not much... We have the second map for Pack D by Acidfluxxbass called Esphexis. Its a 5 player DM map and best dont pick ENT era to play in. Ships go bang pretty quick if you not careful as I found out. Poor BoP, didnt stand a chance in hell in getting to the other end of the map. even TNG era ships arent safe. Nacelles, weapons systems and more all go missing too. It a tough map to play on. With maneuverability a key deciding factor in survival, you need to be one step ahead or you soon find your ships drop like flies. Something else on show is our new look for the Klingon Stinger, this one was done in house. She looks far more formidable than the stock counterpart. Ready for war looks, hardened and more sinister image. The shadows really set her off nicely now too portray a more darker toned ship.
  13. Aftermath 2.0

    Welcome to a new year for Aftermath. This year, Aftermath enters a new phase. Throughout the year you will see Aftermath make a shift to more darker themes which will be found throughout the mod in areas like maps, ships, missions and more. Aftermath is now coming into its second year of development and we have many surprises in store. Beginning with January, we have Add-on Pack D coming out at the end of the month. Also we have the first recompile of Aftermath 2.0 that will include all the add-on packs released since late last year (Add-on Packs A-D). Apart from the normal mod downloads, we will start introducing media based downloads throughout 2009 too. You will be able to download videos, picture packs and wallpapers from the downloads area. There may be other special downloads throughout the year too. With new maps, ships, missions, textures and more to come for 09, this will be one massive year for Aftermath. Aftermath enters its third major phase this year. The first phase brought a new dimension to Legacy. The second phase revolutionized Legacy. The third is set to transform Legacy into something completely different. With the most darkest themed content entering development, new areas of modding will be introduced to portray new emotions such as humiliation, defeat, deceit. aggression and revenge. The cookie-cutter approach to missions will be thrown out the window. That stuff will be kept for the Historical missions. We will be introducing some of the most darkest material created for ST games This year, Aftermath shifts into darker territory. We also have a surprise in store for later in the year... ------------ This was the main news post that is up at Legacy Files, but since we put it up we have had more team members sign up. We have introduced a total of 3 new permanent members and lined up another affiliate member (more on the affiliate member later on) and a new partnership with another mod team. Our new team members are Acidfluxxbass, J Picard from Team Exxperience and Fireball (our second dedicated ship modeler). Not only do we have two new team members, but we have started a partnership with the mod team 'Team Exxperience' (creates mods for Legacy and Bridge Commander). The partnership will see the two teams work with each other in development of Aftermath and TE based projects, resource sharing and training in areas of Legacy modding. We have found these partnerships in the past beneficial to all. Our previous partnerships include OEM, New Gen and the TLG modding teams. Content made by Acidfluxxbass, J Picard and Fireball will start to filter out starting with Add-on Pack D. With Fireball's work, that will come later in the year maybe sometime after February. But we have alot of things up our sleeves for this year and big surprises ;)
  14. Aftermath 2.0

    Our last major promo for the year, so get your reading glasses out as we outlining our plan for 09 :D On to promo now, we know Pack C has only been out for a minute but we are already well into development of Pack D. As in a previous news posting, we mentioned we had at least 3 packs on the table before Pack C came out. We roughly have the next 8 packs planned out, going by current limitations of one pack per month, during special occasions we may drop two packs per month. We have put in a new size limit to our packs-no more than 25mb. As our dev bank is building up (we have introduced a dev bank to our modding cycle, all content we make gets put 'in holding' and only gets released in small amounts allowing us to take time off whenever and however long we want and still be able to put packs out). Its a clever way of us being lazy Now with Pack D we will be having 3 download options. As D becomes our fourth add-on, that sees a recompile of 2.0 that includes all packs released bundled in with our last major release. At this stage, I not sure if it will be called 'Aftermath 2.0+ (A-D)' or just call it 'Aftermath (Jan 09 Build)'. Thats two of the downloads covered, the third being all four packs bundled up into the one pack. So there will be the small (Pack D on its own), medium (Packs A-D) and large (2.0 with all add-ons) downloads. We will have all our bases covered. For the new year too, we will open up our media packs again. Media packs will consist of themed wallpaper packs of roughly 10-15 shots each. Also beginning top of 09 is our video downloads will start up again. As the online video players lose alot of quality, we will be offering the option of downloads of all promo videos beginning January 09. Every now and then we will put up a 'throwback' video download (the option of downloading a promo video from 08 ). Something else we touched briefly on in an interview with Legacy Files and throughout the dev cycle of 1.9/2.0 was the 'showcase' application of Ascension. This feature of the Ascension interface system is the most elaborate interface concept ever created for Legacy and will take a long time to make (I being the only person that works on it). The application is capable of doing in-game promo which will also extend to online promo. Next year the Ascension interface system starts to pick up speed. From a PR perspective, the showcase application is a very powerful tool for Legacy (in regards to actual PR usage). Alot of the modes next year will be running under ascension applications. One on One being the biggest pain in the ass of the lot... Scripting returns next year. Our main scripters took the last 4months of the year off this year so that will be an area that returns next year just dont ask when . But in the meantime, we will be building up the amount of people that can script on Aftermath by most likely two-fold (from 3 to 6 people capable of scripting). Scripting is the most vulnerable area in Aftermath, as we will be losing scripters next year we need to make sure the rest of the team is capable of script based work. Plus the more people capable of scripting the better for all of Legacy and not just Aftermath (more people capable of helping others). Texture based work we will have alot of that going on next year starting with the second mass texture work ever done for Aftermath (first being the Borg textures done this year). The TOS Fed ships will all be coming in for texture work. The other races too will be coming in at various times. The ultimate goal is to have Aftermath different in appearance to all the other Legacy mods from interface down to ships and weaponry. Leading on from that graphics will be a major area of work for 09 too. AI is currently well in development and 09 will see the first introduction of a new AI system for Legacy. This new system is being developed from scratch and is another major project. The goal with that is to have the most advanced, in-depth and customized AI system ever created for Legacy. Its an area we are taking our time with as every aspect of Aftermath will be affected by it (aka extensive testing...). This new system will also be script friendly as throughout this year we have learnt how to mandate AI in script (having more control over erratic AI behavior in the scripting environment). We have had trial runs of this throughout the year with early builds of our Wrath of Khan and One on One missions. Other areas in brief are we may be introducing some new races next year. That is still in very early days but we will know more on that as it happens. Ships, more will be coming in from Max and fine tuned by Dontdrunk. Maps, as usual there will be more of them. More balancing will be happening as we find more and more things we can do. We have TNG overhauls planned as well as more mass changes to all artillery. So for next year we will be looking at new beta testers and look at bringing in some new team members. As a parting gift, here are some shots of the Federation Refit that will be in Pack D. It did have 3 nacelles to start with but one of them sort of went missing :D . But for now thats pretty much it from us for the year. Everyone have a good, fun and most importantly safe new years celebrations and we will see everyone again in 09.
  15. Aftermath 2.0

    Early Christmas presents!! All 23mb of it Head to our downloads section to pick up Pack C. An early Christmas present for everyone, Aftermath Add-on Pack C is now ready for download!! Our largest add-on yet (they keep getting bigger), Pack C contains alot of new material to enter Aftermath. First up we have the first extensive overhaul of the ships starting with the TOS/TMP era's for all races. These changes not only affect all ships of that era, but also their weaponry has changed to provide a more challanging yet balanced battles throughout all areas of Aftermath. Another new area introduced into Aftermath are new ships. Yes finally after well over a year we will start putting ships into Aftermath. All the ships that get placed in will come from Max Loef and will be fine tuned by Dontdrunkimshoot so they fit properly into Aftermath. For the first new additions, we have the Constant, Curry and Trident class ships available. Also included are model updates for the Proxima Refit, Miranda Refit and Akyazi class ships. Our ENT era Klingons also got a new coat of paint too, they now look more industrial/grime warlike look to them which is a better representation of the Klingon race of that time. The Klingon ENT project are from IKS Yo Mama and were further enhanced in-house. Last of all we have one new Death Match map, Hypurial. From everyone at Aftermath, have a happy and safe Christmas and New Years.
  16. Aftermath 2.0

    Aftermath promo time, didnt show last weeks promo but all that means you get more shots this week promo. Great for some, not so great for others lol... Have a new monitor though so all promo from now on be in widescreen resolution. Videos too, they will be in widescreen too when I fix them up. Though spellcheck would be more usefull as my spelling has gone to the s**thouse already and not even finished the first paragraph Onto the promo, work wise things are moving along. The odf work we had going for TOS/TMP is nearing completion which is good then we will find more stuff to work on odf wise; we have a list we going through All the odf work is being done by Dontdrunk taking over from Barihawk while he takes some time off. Texture work is going great and at a steady pace, new ships they are nearing completion but they are also being tied in with the odf work so most likely they will end up in Pack D and not C. The AI project is starting to build up, though that one is a definite 09 release. There are also new projects being picked up lately such as asteroid work by Skeeter which has been progressing well, he working on both normals and the ice ones. Shields have been looked into, early days on that one but you will start seeing that progress next year. Both dontdrunk and myself had started work on the new One on One mass overhaul and started was about as far as we got ... That was the major code work, it was to be a contest entrant but we just cant be stuffed working on it, its alot of code (around 35000+ lines of code...). Plus we wouldnt been able to get it finished in time as the contests are over this weekend. Eventaully we will finish it. Pack C, that will be out within a 10day time frame. Time frames between Pack B and C are really short as B was ready a week before it actually came out but due to technical difficulties we couldnt put it out till December. The major bits with Pack C are the ENT Klingon work done initially by IKS then further worked on in-house, today we showing off the Predator and K30. The Klingon ENT's have a more industrial and rugged look to them, sort of dirty/grimy look. The Predator shots are from last week, the K30 shots have a little bit of fun thrown in them, santa hats . As its christmas we putting abit of fun intothe promo by putting santa hats on our logo. It looks funny but dont get worried or anything like that, the santa hats wont be in Pack C.
  17. Aftermath 2.0

    Aftermath Add-on Pack B is now ready for download! The pack is alot larger than expected but it not too big of download, only 20mb. What you get is 6 lots of ship textures (4 new, 2 updated), 4 lots of maps (3 new, 1 revision) and new in-game interface elements. This pack contains some textures that are tied to the Pack A release so its best to have this installed onto an Aftermath install with Pack A already installed. The texture work. First the two texture updates are for Pack A's Sovereign and Akira, they get new bumps. Now for all the new textures. We got a new Federation Defiant and Intrepid (Intrepid getting new bumps and specs from Max Loef and Trekky respectively), then you got the pair of Romulan ships the Warbird and Heavy Defender. You also get the first look at how our in-game interface is starting to shape up with new phaser and photon reticles along with a new radar element too. Now for the maps, you get 4 with 1 being a map revision. The map revision is for Tygosia, it had lighting adjustments and a few other bits of work done to it. The new maps are Ardana, Orion Nebula and Ortegga. Ardana and Orion Nebula are from Max Loef and are both 4 player maps. Ortegga is a special prototype map that supports 8 players. Ortegga will be in a future add-on pack too. All 4 maps are available in the Death Match mode. Currently, Pack B is only available at our site but will be available at ModDB, Legacy Files and all our other affiliates over the coming week. Just head to the downloads section of the Aftermath home site to pick up Pack B. Remember no need to log in to be able to download. Aftermath Main Site (head to downloads for Add-on Pack B )
  18. Aftermath 2.0

    Been a little while but internet not been the best lately... Stupid broadband caps... Anyway, I bring that bad news that I was suppose to do the other week but there is plenty of good news too. As people may or may not know, Aftermath 2.0 was the last release. There will be no more large scale releases from Aftermath anymore. Just the amount of time and frustration that goes into making the large releases is not good for the team as patience wears very thin especially when development blows out and releases get canned, we already up to 4 canned releases (Stage 2 and 3, 1.9 and 2.2). Interest wanes when development times stretch for months on end so I made the decision to end the main releases. But it dont mean Aftermath has packed up shop and called it a day. We are shifting to add-on releases. The success we got with our first add-on was the deciding factor in the future of Aftermath. With 2.0, we have a solid foundation that we can continue to add content to, plus with the add-on route, we have a much higher quality control over the larger releases as we will only be dealing with a small amount of content per add-on. Development times are much much smaller which means we can have a more frequent release schedule (currently set to at least one add-on per month). Also something that it brings is there is no need for a full dev team to make an add-on. Any of the team can put out their own add-ons. This allows the other team members to step up and take more responsibility with their work and promotes further growth and confidence within the modder. With the add-on's, every 4th addon will see a repackage of 2.0 that includes all previous add-ons built into the last main release as well as being available separately. But there is even more good news, we have a new team member now. We now have Max Loef on the Aftermath team and Dontdrunkimshoot/Fangoriously will be shifting to a more permanent role on Aftermath (was an affiliate team member but will now be a main team member). Max Loef will be bringing something new to Aftermath: ships and other work. Currently, Aftermath is being solely developed by the new team which consists of Dontdrunk, Max and myself with occasional input from the old team. And now for promo, we have a fair bit to show today. Showing some of Max's ships (the Charger, Trident, Constant and Saratoga) and some of our other retextures of the Warbird and Soveriegn (has new bumps now). Stuff on show today some will be in Add-on Pack B and some in C.
  19. Aftermath 2.0

    Something new for you all over here, we got more stuff throughout the week but I give this one to you all today. Its our new Defiant that will be in our next add-on pack. Thats not all that will be in the pack either
  20. Aftermath 2.0

    An update, the pack had an error in it (Siaraname System wouldnt show up). But we have a fix up now so for everyone that got it before you will need to get it again to get the map fix. Apart from that everything else is fine. Fingers crossed we have another pack out at the end of the month with some special things in it Aftermath Add-on Pack A (fixed) Plus, you dont have to log in to download anymore!!
  21. Aftermath 2.0

    Look a surprise, not even the rest of the team knew about this lol... But yes, all them nice ships we been showing as promo, you can now play with them. Not only that, but you get two new maps aswell. You get the Siaraname System map thats been given to us by AcidFluxxBass and also a brand new map called Yispen (made by us). Now thats the good news. There is bad news though. Them three ships in our Add-on pack most likely will never be seen in Aftermath ever again. Already the Sovereign in Add-on Pack A will never be seen in an Aftermath release. The Ktinga I think wont make any future releases either. At this stage the Akira looks to be the only survivor of the three. The maps, they will be in future releases but most likely in other modes. For Add-on Pack A, they are in Death Match. Siaraname System is a 6 player map while Yispen is an 8 player map. Same thing applies as 2.0, you have to log in to the site to get the pack. Head to the downloads section of the site and its yours. I hate that part of the site, having to sign in to download the stuff... Aftermath Home Site, log in then head to downloads for Add-On Pack A ModDB and Legacy Files links will be available in next couple days, least you dont have to sign up over with them.
  22. Aftermath 2.0

    Another couple of shots for today, over the weekend we got something else lined up but we will give you something during the week too. A little bit of dev news, we got many missions under development. There will be some mission promo done over the weekend and our first video footage of 2.2 will be shown. On other areas, our AI is being developed to become the most highly customized AI ever created for Legacy. The AI is being specialized far deeper than any of the other mods have attempted. We already have our Terrans and ENT Romulans running the new AI procedures. Refinement of other areas are happening and also sounds, at this stage we are deciding on whether to seperate Terrans into a new race (we have more than 3 Terrans in 2.2...). Today we are showing some shots of a new Akira. This one is more war-like than the stock one. There be more info on this version of the Akira over the weekend. This one was developed in-house. Also included is a general shot of two of our Terrans (NX and Poseidon).
  23. Aftermath 2.0

    Thanks, we be putting up more shots of other ships too as more of us now are venturing into texture work. We have more ships to show today, though only one. This is how our new Ktinga is shaping up, we are going for a military type feel to the ship which I think is lacking in the original version. So far we have got it looking more war-like but it still early days with it.
  24. Aftermath 2.0

    We got more stuff to show today, not much but still pretty pictures though . We going to start doing new videos soon just we wait till we build a bit more up first. What we showing today... New texture work thats what. Here is a few looks at our new Sovereign we working on. It still WIP but we have been getting alot of great feedback from it. We will keep changing it till we get it how we want it. Its had normal and spec work done so far, glows are next. What we will also throw in are some beauty shots of the Galaxy class too. These are all in 2.2 and they are in-game footage. The shots have not been touched up at all. The only thing added to them are the 2.2 tag in the bottom corner. Eventually, we will be making changes to all textures in our mod ranging from small scale work right through to complete retextures. Take note on eventually, it will be spread out over many releases. We making everything look good in Aftermath :yes:
  25. Aftermath 2.0

    Promo is now officially starting for 2.2. What we are working on... Quite a fair bit now, we got many projects underway ranging from new odf balancing and reformating right through to the interface areas (we slowly building up pieces for our new in-game interface). One of the in-game interface projects we have didnt work out how we had hoped but we have a back up plan that achieves the same result. The back up plan is just more work but it sucks that the code based version of what we wanted didnt work out (one of those things that works perfectly in another area just not in the in-game xml's...). Though we will still pursue the code based version as we dont give up because we hit a brick wall. Our ERW and SFA modes have new additions (either already completed or well under way). ERW 4 is in development (the 4th mission, plus groundwork has been done for the next few after that). With SFA, mission 2 is well into its dev cycle and introduces something new to Aftermath. Evolution will finally be finished in 2.2 (though may not make the content patch). I still not sure on Evolutiuons place in Aftermath. It was revamped for use in Aftermath compared to its original outing in UUM but even still it feels out of place in Aftermath. It just feels like its more of a UUM/TLG feature than an Aftermath feature. Its a viable mode I just dont think its suitable for Aftermath. May bundle it up with Zephyr or ship it off to the other mods. I just dont know about its future, we see how things go during development. That 3rd Armada mode I still deciding on. I have a second map planned based on its structure but just not too sure on whether it can become a viable mode like Heavy and Light. It has a different layout and structure compared to the other two. Its all a matter how far I can run with it, if I can get alot out of it then we got ourselves a third Armada mode. If there not much I can do with it then these particular maps will be straddling both Heavy and Light modes as the way how these are set out they dont have the full characteristics of both modes. Again we will see what happens. And now your first shots of 2.2, you get to see a shot from the third mission or ERW and a shot of Horizon (new Heavy Armada mode map, first non-fed playable for the Heavy/possible new mode mode). Both are 90% finalized just final touches here and there will be made to them (cosmetic work only).

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