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Funny politics & other things

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A certain Irish politician and man of the cloth addressing a religious meeting said’’ And upon that fiery day of Judgement there shall be much walling and gnashing of teeth’’ Now sitting in the congregation was a little old lady and she put up her hand and said ‘’but Reverend I haven’t got any teeth’’ to which the Reverend replied ’’Teeth will be provided’’


And another thing I read today immediately caught my attention .The clip said that husbands/partners who help with the housework get more sex than those who don’t. Having read this I immediately went to the place where our vacuum cleaner was kept and as I was about to uncoil the lead my misses said ‘what on earth are you doing’ ‘well I said I’m going to vacuum the house for you darling’. My misses thought for a minute and then said ‘well you don’t think you’re going to get sex tonight just for doing that do you’. I put the cleaner back. Well you can’t win ‘em all can you.

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