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MiG-29 Cockpit

MiG-29G Cockpit

Version 1.0

March 2008


This is modification of the Su-27 pit, it`s repainted and used as a Mig-29 pit. Included are 2 BMP`s for everyone who want`s to have a stripe in the pit. This plane is tested only in WOE/WOV.

If you want to improve it, feel free to do it. It`s not allowed to use this pit as PAYWARE!!!

It`s FREEWARE only!







Extract the pit folder into your planefolder of you`re choice. You can find you`r ebirds in your Object/Aircraft folder.

If you want to have it without stripe in your pit, extract the "cockpit" zip into your cockpitfolder and overwtite

the files.



open this file

*(plane name).ini

and replace the entries with







!!!Make sure to safe the files in your cockpitfolder first!!!






Cockpit: MarcFighter, Kesselbrut, BPAo (special thanks to Boopidoo, Mago and Badger for textures)

Cockpitrepaint: 76.IAP-Blackbird

Avionics: Moonjumper

ini edit: 76.IAP-Blackbird


Betatesting: Vrkuboy, Badfrank



Version History



1.0 : I upload it for everyone who want`s to use the pit without the plane.






This is from the Su-27 readme:


About the cockpit: A great work was made by Moonjumper to model russian avionics. It's the

best that could be done at the moment.

Concerning the radar, The SU-27 has a radar display which projects onto the HUD. It is not

possible to model this for now due to the game engine limitation ;).



Enjoy :good:


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