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  1. Curbing the Taliban push?

    I, as an Anglo-Indian am not sure about the "true political" sentiment India's case but the at large public sentiment (that which truly matters and is most likely to affect foreign policy in a constitutional republic) is America was weak, they abandoned theirs "friends" again, like they always do "the east is their playground" etc, etc . "YOU" might not care. I don't either to be honest. I'm a trust fund Gen-Xer. But this will impact a global political shift of India towards Soviet Russia, might not seem like a big deal but despite India being a developing nation with a shitload of issues to sort out, it's still a constitutional republic. It's easier to do "honest business" with them as opposed to China. I say this as a laymen, I don't think North American businesses will benefit if India makes a move towards Russia and even China. Those fancy P-8I's upto 8, C-17's, C-130 Spec ops version , and apaches they bought from you they're now show cased during the Republic Day Parade. Let's not forget the Boeing deal that's being pushed. That's not a fad or a "woke" issue to the Indian population, it showcases India's strength, and willingness to defend her self. That sentiment meant, jobs American and perhaps even skilled Indian jobs. American military equipment was the one that had been kicking most ass until recently. Want to know what it's being perceived as by some of your largest future customer's Today...RUNNING AWAY !
  2. Curbing the Taliban push?

    Is that secret footage of a VSTOL C-17 ? What... the.... ? Dude since when has the USAF secretly been testing these C-17's out of Afghan using the all abundant human catapult system? More importantly, is this airfield a secret "diverse" Area-51 ? Also, aliens confirmed ?
  3. Curbing the Taliban push?

    I feel in sincere honesty I have to preface this otherwise lame political snark with a notice of sorts, seeing how many current service or veterans there are from the US Armed Forces on this site. I say this as a former Canadian Armed Forces Sapper. The Jab is at the political establishments and the MIC, not at the boots. I feel that I have to say this given the feelings of those of you who have been deployed and are currently serving in the forces; that are also watching this shit unfold. So here goes... This applies to all the Non-American forces members on this board. From now on if an American ever pokes fun at your country, just remind them with a smile, it took FOUR U.S Presidents, Trillions of Dollars, 100K of lives to replace the hateful Taliban....with the hateful Taliban. Biden: WINNING !!!! World: What the actual ****
  4. 21 Cringeworthy Errors in the Movie TOP GUN

    FTS Clown World.
  5. China Space Station

    Thanks a lot to our Brave Canadian PM Winne the Pooh. Also, @&$? Commies and Socialists. Where’s my uncle Pinochet ?
  6. WW2 Aerial Combat Animation

    Why do people think adding hip-hop regardless of context or content will make a vid cool ? 🤮
  7. WW2 Aerial Combat Animation

    For those who like new retro and aviation animation. Enjoy !
  8. Strolling through Ultramar

    Thanks don't ever call them space Nazi's. W40K is going woke enough as it is. Filthy liberal degenerates seeking to ruin 40K.
  9. Strolling through Ultramar

    Death Korp of Krieg. Always. The most dour non augmented bastards in the entire 40K universe.
  10. Strolling through Ultramar

    This for you Chaos worshipping heathens who claim that the Ultramarines aren't saxy .
  11. Gdamn that smug twat expression on Pierre's face, if there was ever a self serving.....The only thing Pierre Sprey deserves is to be laughed out of the room. That "fifth estate" interview of Pierre is a CBC special in Canada done to paint former PM Harper Govt plans to purchase the F-35 in a negative light, which they were encouraged to do so by the then opposition party leader now current PM Justin Trudeau. The CBC claims this interview was unbiased, which anyone watching it objectively knows it wasn't. Why'd the CBC, a crown corp go to great lengths to portray the F-35 in a negative light by interviewing Sprey ? They were promised a huge bump in spending by Trudeau, not only for the F-35 but also for anything that would portray the Harper Govt in a negative light. Oddly enough, Trudeau was true to his word and upon winning the election he gave the CBC $300 million of tax payer money. Sorry for the long rant. Needed to put this into context, well at least the Fifth Estate bit. Don't care for the F-35, never will. It's so aggressively yawn. Hard to separate the cliché PR claptrap from facts most of which are classified. I'm sure the next war coming to a theatre near "you" will prove whether or not it was the right choice.
  12. This. I've always loved WWII Luftwaffe aircraft over every other nations. The 109 is my all time favorite. Would gladly do a Naruto run and drop kick a granny to be if it meant I got to fly in one. Sadly, neither is going to happen.

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