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  1. Gdamn that smug twat expression on Pierre's face, if there was ever a self serving.....The only thing Pierre Sprey deserves is to be laughed out of the room. That "fifth estate" interview of Pierre is a CBC special in Canada done to paint former PM Harper Govt plans to purchase the F-35 in a negative light, which they were encouraged to do so by the then opposition party leader now current PM Justin Trudeau. The CBC claims this interview was unbiased, which anyone watching it objectively knows it wasn't. Why'd the CBC, a crown corp go to great lengths to portray the F-35 in a negative light by interviewing Sprey ? They were promised a huge bump in spending by Trudeau, not only for the F-35 but also for anything that would portray the Harper Govt in a negative light. Oddly enough, Trudeau was true to his word and upon winning the election he gave the CBC $300 million of tax payer money. Sorry for the long rant. Needed to put this into context, well at least the Fifth Estate bit. Don't care for the F-35, never will. It's so aggressively yawn. Hard to separate the cliché PR claptrap from facts most of which are classified. I'm sure the next war coming to a theatre near "you" will prove whether or not it was the right choice.
  2. This. I've always loved WWII Luftwaffe aircraft over every other nations. The 109 is my all time favorite. Would gladly do a Naruto run and drop kick a granny to be if it meant I got to fly in one. Sadly, neither is going to happen.
  3. Hitler forgets to thin his paints

    Apologies to the German's who view this with the sound on, I can empathize that it's got to be annoying as to hear German and have subtitles about shitty WH40K paint jobs. EDIT: - It's especially funny since Hitler did fail as a painter.
  4. Hope you all have a decent translation thingy. For comedic purposes let google do its “magic” ! Sorry I’m posting this using my phone so can’t embed the vid. Perhaps someone with mod privileges can edit this. Thanks in advance. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f51R1BisDAk&persist_app=1&app=m That awkward porno like 1980’s music 😁
  5. SU-57 Arrive in Syria Khmemeim

    Satellite pic of one of the Su's at Khmemeim, Latakia.
  6. SU-57 Arrive in Syria Khmemeim

    Well, to clarify, the reason they're fielding the two prototype Su-57's, the A-50U AWACS, the Su-25 with the latest ECM, following the downing of the one a month or so ago (in which the pilot fought off the Jihadi scum for as ong as possible and then fell on his grenade rather than become their prisoner) and Su-35 is primarily to test is a non-combat operation the American, Israeli and Turkish radars so as to develop effective EW suite accordingly as per the gossip on credible defence websites. The airspace in Syria at the moment is arguably amongst the most heavily monitored in the world. The Russian's have stated that the SU-57's are there only to get hammered by the Turk, American and Israeli radars so as to test it's stealth features and further refine it, where else could you get your airframe tested in such a manner ? It's not like Russian can say to the American's "Comrade ! Can we please borrow your AWACS and radars to test the stealthy features of Raportski ?" Another clarification, the aircraft are suspected to be pre-production machines as Sukhoi is currently testing F-35 style exhaust for the production machines, not that you can tell by the video of course. Either way I'm sure you and me would be quite surprised if the 57's were used in combat ops. Who knows with Russia, though I commend Russia of doing what the NATO bureaucracy has been incapable of doing in Syria.
  7. https://twitter.com/WaelAlHussaini/status/966456661308248065 http://lentaru.media.eagleplatform.com/index/player?record_id=943301&player=new Nice, will be interesting to see the reaction of the other parties involved in the conflict to this. I have my popcorn ready for all the salt whining that it will result in.
  8. If you had to buy a new automobile.

    Well here's the thing you have kids, I don't and yeah I'm well aware that I'm a privileged asshole cause of the trust fund (should definitely check my Anglo-Indian privilege) hence the reason I've already placed an order for the Aventador, will definitely post GOPRO videos and pics of it when I get it next year. I work in finance now, what can I say the boom in your country's economy has made me money, thanks Donald. For my day to day I have a 2015 Maserati Quattroporte GTS V8 have to say the interior of it is now disappointing as its looks like that of an overpriced FIAT, thanks Obama ! EDIT:- Sedan based Aventador ?!?!?!? You should ban yourself from posting for a month, blasphemer
  9. If you had to buy a new automobile.

    Absolutely rubbish list. I'm waiting to buy the Lamborghini Aventador SV once I get access to my trust fund. Next summer.
  10. Prayers for the families and victims

    Is that a reference to the queen witches tweet ? The same witch who didn't want to politicise a tragedy ? BTW, it's suppressors, and I don't know if you've ever heard a weapon equipped with a suppressor being fired.....
  11. F-35 by the numbers

    We wouldn't be Canadian if we weren't shortsighted. We have a dumb ass, former drama teacher, liberal who's now our PM, is a self proclaimed feminist and okayed the sale of 100+ APC's to that great humane ally of the west, you know, you guys have sold them your cutting edge Eagles, the Saudis. Our government rewarded 10 million to a terrorist who killed an American medic in astan. You're asking a lot from our current "PM" On topic though, tell me why we need a 5th gen fighter if we don't go at it alone but are almost always with you and the British ? The Brits don't have Stealth (not counting the handful of 35's they have at the moment), if I'm not mistaken their Typhoon aren't all even equipped with AESA yet, whereas the Super Hornet is. If it's good enough to be marketed to other nations why not for Canada ? Our defence budget is pocket change compared to that of the US. If the Liberals do purchase the 35, which they most likely wont, there'll be cutbacks made somewhere else like Veterans Affairs, as a former Armed Forces member I'd rather see them stick with the Super Hornet and "hope" more money makes it's way to our current vets. I'd rather you just call be a dumb asshole rather than that slur.
  12. Want some guys in the USA to rename the capital?

    What the actual @#$! ? I wish there was someone willing to give these idiots Pinochet style helicopter rides, what a stupid attempt at revisionist history. I suppose America was discovered by Mobutu Magawambe !
  13. F-35 by the numbers

    -1. We Canadians aren't buying it, and rightfully so. We don't need the F-35. The Super Hornet that is being considered is more than enough for us, fiscally it makes way more sense for us. Also, there was NO competition run by the previous government, they just decided on F-35. Not taking shots at the F-35 like Pierre Sprey but a single engined aircraft to patrol our vast and yet sparsely populated landmass makes no sense.
  14. Want some guys in the USA to rename the capital?

    Agree with you 100%. The left loves making it look like people from different cultures and ethinicities are unable to get along in America or even here in Canada, where the Marxist nonsense has reared it's ugly head in Toronto. Case and point, I'm of Anglo-Indian origin. My grandad is Hindu Indian and Grandma a Brit (they live in New Delhi, India). I'm Hindu, my Indian parents named me Aryan, a very traditional Hindu name. Fast forward to 2017, wish you should see the looks of horror and insults I get from white and non-white leftards for having a Hindu name like Aryan. Leftards hear Aryan and they turn into screeching, frothing at the mouth idiots calling me a half brown Hindu male a Nazi and some have even "demanded" that I change my name. They have no idea about the fact that Aryan is from Sanskrit and existed long before Hitler. In a sense today's leftist have a lot in common with Jihadi's, both despise free speech and are highly explosive when confronted with logic. Regarding slavery, it exists in another form as well that you, through no fault of your own didn't address. As someone who lived in the GCC countries of Kuwait and Dubai, THAT'S where modern day slavery exists. Yet these so called caring, loving leftist liberals don't address that, know why ? Because being critical of an Islamic countries treatment of it's non-muslim labour force would be Islamaphobic. The lefts argument script explained: 1) Look at any issue. 2) Determine if there is an inequality of outcome, or if someone looks like they are worse off than someone else. 3) Blame this inequality on oppressive social constructs, thus polarising the group into smaller units opposed to each other - one declared an "oppressor" and the other "oppressed". 4) Battle it out. 5) Reexamine the situation to find new inequalities. 6) Rinse and repeat. This is why the left can't unify. They are running on a script which forces them to partition.

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