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What the heck: here is the Gunship: Times of Sand beta release

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I'll never finish it, and I doubt PSYKLIK will ever have time to merge his incredible parallel developments into it either. But maybe someone will be inspired...


This is the only beta released. Fully functional, but follow the install instructions. Use at your own risk, no support implied, not for sale, yada yada.


Sorry I couldn't bring this one home. Have fun.







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I forgot to mention a couple of things:


IIRC, I *think* this version is free-standing- just in case you can't find that old Gunship CD ... I'll rummage around and see if there are any updated bits that can be uploaded as easy patches.


Many thanks to all the folks who contributed, especially Keith Bedford, Polak, PSYKLIK, Stratos and the good folks at 1st Bear Hunter Squadron. WB also came up with many great enhancements since this beta was done. He posted a lot of them that can probably be manually added to this version.


Try here:

Wills Gunship page:



PSYKLIKs Waypoint site has compendious info abou the internals of GS:


(He also has more great stuff that I'll link to if he says ok...)


And of course samovar6 has lots of cool new bits, too:



This was an incredibly fun project, right up until it wasn't... But so much more is now known and so many more tools are now available, it could be carried on to amazing places if there is the passion for it.


Be well-




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