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  1. Hiya Wrench- Just happened to swing by here for the first time in many years and saw your post. Keith Bedford and I did that original EAWEuro map in 2005 or so. Charles et. al. from EAW did an improved version later. (The initial project was a quid pro quo of sorts with TK: He gave us use of his terrain editor to make new maps for Gunship! and for EAW, and in return we converted the original EAW map for SF players use.) Fun project. Keith's a genius, and built cool conversion utilities to make it happen. Anyway, a few days ago I finally put all my mod development files on line for Gunship/EAW/SF folks to sort through, but I know the original files related to the EAWEuro terrain are also in there somewhere, too. (And HFD/TFDs for other SF maps, too.) I've been out of modding for several years now and have no idea how the current version of SF is put together. Just thought I'd mention this in case you (or anyone) found any of it useful for updating the EAWEuro map. Four CD's worth, roughly 350MB zipped each. If it is too elderly to be of use, I certainly understand. So am I. ;) See this SimHQ thread: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3691140/Gunship_Helipad_is_back_And_mo.html#Post3691140 HTH. Best to all- fng2k
  2. I forgot to mention a couple of things: IIRC, I *think* this version is free-standing- just in case you can't find that old Gunship CD ... I'll rummage around and see if there are any updated bits that can be uploaded as easy patches. Many thanks to all the folks who contributed, especially Keith Bedford, Polak, PSYKLIK, Stratos and the good folks at 1st Bear Hunter Squadron. WB also came up with many great enhancements since this beta was done. He posted a lot of them that can probably be manually added to this version. Try here: Wills Gunship page: http://members.fortunecity.com/whb11/GunshipTool/Gunship.htm PSYKLIKs Waypoint site has compendious info abou the internals of GS: http://www.waypoint.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ (He also has more great stuff that I'll link to if he says ok...) And of course samovar6 has lots of cool new bits, too: http://samovar6.fortunecity.com/ This was an incredibly fun project, right up until it wasn't... But so much more is now known and so many more tools are now available, it could be carried on to amazing places if there is the passion for it. Be well- fng
  3. I'll never finish it, and I doubt PSYKLIK will ever have time to merge his incredible parallel developments into it either. But maybe someone will be inspired... This is the only beta released. Fully functional, but follow the install instructions. Use at your own risk, no support implied, not for sale, yada yada. Sorry I couldn't bring this one home. Have fun. http://www.simwarrior.com/gunship/GSTOS_beta.html fng
  4. Hi Kevin- I did a web page a couple of years ago with the airfiled info, and included all the INI file text for each for copying/pasting: http://www.simwarrior.com/sfp1/airfields.html FWIW... Hi Charles - all's well, I hope? m
  5. If you guys just need to do some spot editing on terrain files, don't forget to check out Keith Bedford's tools. His SFmap tool may be just the ticket. They are on his webpage, along with several other cool SFP1 bits: http://members.lycos.co.uk/keithb77/strikef/strikef.html cheers m
  6. Well I'll be dipped. Glad to hear it worked! Nice job! The only reason we originally did this mod with separate season folders and batch files to copy stuff around, was because at the time each terrain folder needed to have it's own copy of desert.cat. This way saved everybody a ton of HD space. TK later added the pointer in the INI to where the basic cat file location is, which makes our old approach unnecessary now. I don't really have a problem with you updating this mod and uploading it here, Allen. Nice of you to offer to do that. Might be good to incorporate the bug fix Kevin mentioned, too. Or even just lose that jetty. Never really liked the way it came out, anyway. The only thing I'd ask you to do if you have time. is to ask around to see if there are other later mods based on this map that might be affected by a new version of the base EAWEuro terrain. I know Charles and Edward spent a lot of time on a WW2 version, but I've been out of the loop so long, I can't even see it from here. So as long as it doesn't cause too much trouble elsewhere, and the rest of the team doesn't mind, (especially Keith Bedford: I hope folks still appreciate the incredible conversion software he wrote to make this mod possible), go for it with my thanks. Please keep the Tools subdirectory in there, too. That's very useful stuff for making new terrains using the EAW tiles. And be sure to add yourself to the credits, too. (I seem to recall somebody was working on adding support for the new-style water, too. Did that happen? Are there any season/weather/sun angle changes that should be made? I feel like frikkin Rip van Winkle here...) One last thing: it might be possible to do this upgrade as a patch, instead. I suspect a batch file could be written that would convert the old-style install to your new version without too much trouble, packaged with a couple of new INI files. That way folks with existing installs wouldn't need to start from scratch. Just a thought. I'll try to keep an eye on this thread if you get stuck on why we did some bizarre thing or another. Cheers fng
  7. Hi Allen- Well, it's been quite a while since we built that mod, but I'm very happy it's still getting some use. I don't have SF loaded anymore, life pretty much excludes simming these days. I just stopped by on a whim to vicariously enjoy the fun. (A bit like a eunuch in a brothel, I suppose...) FastCargo is basically correct. (Are you guys sure no one has sorted this issue out yet? Maybe over at SimHQ?) Here is what I *think* will work for you: Make a backup copy of the whole EAWEuro folder because I'm probably going to be at least partly wrong in the following. ;) Go into the top level EAWEuro folder, and copy all the files (but not the seasonal subdirectories or tools folder), to the clipboard Open each season's subfolder, and paste in all those files. If there is a warning about "Do you want to replace this file with that file..", click "No". I think. Go to the next season's folder and paste again. Rinse and repeat. I think at this point, each season subfolder should be a self contained terrain, and you can move them up to the Terrain folder, I think. Not sure about any refernces to the .CAT files. I don't know what else is needed to make them appear in your current SF menu structure, or what affect later patches to this terrain and/or SF will have, but hopefully someone else here can advise you better on that. If it all turns out to be a Charlie Foxtrot of biblical proportions, accept my apologies, delete all the modified folders, and return to your backup copy. You did make a backup, right? ;) Have fun. Hello to all. Back to Azkabhan I must go... fng
  8. This should go Beta in a few days, so some folks can start making new missions for it. Here's some new pics: seeya fng
  9. Slowly but surely, we're still moving forward with Gunship! The Times of Sand expansion pack A fantastic new hires Cobra skin by Polak: See the GS:TOS website for more details and many more pics: http://www.simwarrior.com/gunship/GSTOS.html
  10. I was so inspired by Janet Jackson's performance, that I've decided to reveal all my Gunship dev resources, tools, and expansion pack plans. Thread links: Here, Here, Here. There. I feel so liberated. ;) fng
  11. Just Saw This And.....

    LOL! Dontcha hate when that happens? :D
  12. Gunship!

    Hi sambo- Glad to hear you're having fun with it. But I'm a little confused by your question about the tail rotor. Are you saying that when you twist your joystick (or hit a rudder pedal), the nose of the helo doesn't point in a new direction? Or does it seem like there is a rubber band attached to the tail, and and it snaps into a new position when you turn? If you have the first problem, it's probably an issue with your controller. If it's the second problem, you may not have the patched version of GS. Does your CD actually say "Infogrames" on it? Or "Hasbro"? If it is Hasbro, you need to load the patch. Sorry if I miissed your point. Also: have a look at the FAQ linked in my sig below. Maybe something there will ring a bell with you. cheers fng
  13. Gunfiire kills woman helicopter pilot from South Carolina in Iraq Associated Press EASLEY, S.C. - An Easley High School graduate has become the first woman pilot killed in Iraq. The parents of Capt. Kimberley Hampton, 27, say the military has confirmed that their daughter was killed in enemy fire on a helicopter near Fallujah in Iraq. Hampton is also the first woman from South Carolina killed in combat in Iraq. The other pilot on the OH-58 Kiowa helicopter was injured in the crash. Hampton was an only child who wanted to be a pilot since the third grade, her parents told WYFF-TV in Greenville. She attended Presbyterian College, where she played tennis. Hampton was stationed in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division. She left for Iraq on Aug. 31. Witnesses said the OH-58 Kiowa helicopter was brought down by ground fire. The Kiowa is designed for reconnaissance and observation missions and is often used to spot targets for Apache attack helicopters.
  14. Yea, that angle really seems to have alienated alot of people. But in light of what they were trying to accomplish, I've come to understand why they designed it that way. I think air starts had more to do with technical issues related to having so many tree objects around, and the fact that the original plan was to build a shared battle space for the Tank Platoon! half of things. (GS/TP needed a smaller map for gameplay reasons, so with the action taking place on a 16x16km map, I can see why airstarts were a reasonable option). I really don't get the sense that they did airstarts to make it "easier" and more arcadeish, alhough I can see how it looks that way. Hasbro made them take out alot of stuff at the last minute including an elaborate aircraft maintainance/repair module, but I haven't seen any clues that indicate it had a start-up sequence, though. I doubt we could ever insert a true start-up sequence, but I have an idea how the spawn altitude is handled. Haven't got it nailed down yet, though. We discussed this last week over at SimHQ. Have a look here if you're interested in more detail. Anyway, don't let that one aspect put you off. The whole environment is so immersive and demanding, you forget where you started pretty quickly. ;) It's definately worth $9.95, imho. cheers fng
  15. Saddam Has Been Captured!

    And let's welcome our next contestant... (click to enlarge)

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