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Add weapons to moving parts

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Hi all


I was searching the KB and was looking into the ini`s of the Tornado and F-111 But couldn`t find hint how to mod this.


My idea was to put weapons to a weaponstation on the bombbaydoors, inside, of the Vatour. pls don`t ask why :rolleyes:


It must be possible to do this but have not an idea how to do this.


It`s an what if mod of the vatour as an Interceptor modded by the IDF, cause this baby is a second choice but very fast and nice to fly. Could someone help me with this?


when I add a weaponstation it`s unmovable/static. :tumbleweed:

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There are a few aircraft that have moving weapon stations inside their bomb bay (F-23), why not analyze their data files first? Not sure, though, whether this could help you with the Vatour...

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Actually, let's look at the example of adding a Tornado sidewinder station to help us here.


Here is the entry:


















Note the bolded areas.


The ModelNodeName is what the weapon is 'attached' to.


The other 2 entries tell the engine if that part rotates and/or moves.


I'd use that information in your weapon station entry and give that a shot. The hard part is that you are going to have to find what the mesh name is of the bomb bay doors is. Also, the position of the weapon needs to be determined based on the doors CLOSED.


Try that...I'm curious to see if it works.



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