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A2A combat tips for the F-22 UPDATED

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If you are tired of being shot down consistently in the stealthiest and deadliest fighter jet in the skies, then here are a few tips and tricks that I use to stay on top as opposed to being buried in the ground in the F-22A Raptor.


1.) Don't go solo against a flock of enemy fighters (especially the modern ones... a.k.a Floggers, Foxbats, Fulcrums, and Flankers). 12 modern day fighters = 8 Raptors. 16 = 12 Raptors. The "less than modern day fighter" a.k.a. Mig-21, doesn't require a large flight of Raptors.


2.) Use your ECM (you should turn it on immediately).


3.) When going against multiple hostiles, maintain a minimum distance of 12 - 15NM (burn through range is modeled into the game and they will fire R-77s at you without needing to lock on if you are within 12NMs, hence that HOJ does work in this sim). Use your AMRAAMS (you can fire them and get accurate hits from a maximum range of 29NMs; beyond that, things are "iffy"). This tactic especially applies to those modern fighters. When you begin to reach 12NMs to the hostile fighters, make a "U-turn" and fly back away. Then make another "U-turn and head back to the hostile fighters again.


4.) In the presence of multiple hostile fighters, use your wingmen to go after them. This will distract any and all attention away from you and on to them.


5.) If you have to get up close and personal (within 12NMs), start ejecting chaff and flare... an ejection every 8-10 seconds will do. You don't need to unload 10 rounds in a single burst.


6.) Try to keep yourself from using the burners most of the time, or you will have a R-73 launched at you.


7.) When firing missiles (including Sidewinders), use fire and forget tactics (a.k.a. fire and go to the next target... don't sit and wait till the missile hits the target). Just as an F.Y.I., you have to wait about 1 - 3 seconds before going to the next target with the AMRAAM.


8.) Maintain tactical awareness on what's happening around you. Check your RWR frequently. Those blips are tangos in your airspace within 20NMs. A TrackIR system is very handy with this


9.) When using the gun, use 2 - 3 second bursts. I found out that a Mig-29 can take up to 13 rounds before getting blown to bits.


10.) Do not engage in a scramble mission. 1.) It's not realistic. 2.) I've never had a successfull mission in one and therefore can not currently give any tips on what to do. If I do, I'll see if I can post something here that would help. Just as an F.Y.I., some missions might not indicate scramble, but they will have the enemy flight within 10NMs and approaching your base.


11.) Enjoy in your success. I hoped this help. If anybody else here knows what can also help, please post.



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Damn good work there S&E,

Another few tips I can think of are:



12.) Keep your speed up, the Raptor bleeds it off really fast in tight turns. Aircraft such as MiG-21's will outmaneuver you easily at slow speeds (i.e. below 200kias), those things were built to turn.


13.) Listen to your wingmen. Along with ejecting chaff/flare every 8-10sec, you should dump a bundle (2 of each?) if you hear a "Missile Launch' in your headphones. It may not be aimed at you, but better be safe than sorry.


14.) As said by S&E, if you have got your target smoking/exploding, move straight onto the next one. If you're out of targets, NEVER forget to keep checking your map for inbounds, and the skies and ground for SAM's (those SA-8's are infrared, so you will usually have no radar lock indication).


15.) If you run out of missiles and gun ammo, and your wingmen have been splashed, don't be afraid to hit the deck and make a run for it. More than likely your pursuers will end up as a crater if you fly it right. The only exeption to this rule is if your enemy is retreating, and they have no missiles. IF you're careful, you can often slide along side and give their wing a little nudge. If you do it right, you will take them out (CAUTION, if you do it wrong.....nuf said)


16.) The Raptor will fly okish at all altitudes, but if you get bounced without warning (unlikely) then descend, chaff, flares, ECM (should already be on) and bring them to a more suitable altitude. Remember that the closer you are to the ground, the more AAA and SAM's there will be.


17.) If you do get in a close turning battle with a Tango, then extend, get some speed and distance on your opponent, and go in for seconds. Alternatively, try to keep your opponent out of your 6 while you maneuver, and call your wingman to help. They may not be the best, but they will distract the guy on your tail. If you are caught in a situation when you got a guy you're lining up for a shot and another one chasing you, ignore the kill and defend yourself.


18.) One of the most important things to remember while flying this bird. She may be cutting edge technology, and may be capable of shooting down anything in her path, but remember....if you got no gas, she ain't going anywhere. Ensure that you glance periodically at your fuel gauge during your flight and engagement. It may be necessary to beat a retreat (or go high and attempt to conserve your fuel on the way home).

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