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  1. Enhanced Explosions

  2. AIM9 Sidewinder

  3. Sea Vixen FAW1 Skins

  4. this weeks Ho Lee Crap moment

    That's one way of landing a helicopter. Although, I prefer a method that won't leave me with motion sickness from spinning around so much. It looked like fun... until it failed.... epically.
  5. Why does that pic look so familiar... maybe because I'm parked right in front of it. :D
  6. AH-64 Package for SF2 Ver 1.1

    This is true awesomeness!!!!!!
  7. Quick question about tge KC-135

    Guess I had unfortunate luck then. It was working right before I got on and when I popped it out after 45 minutes into the flight, I couldn't get into Windows. Thought it was sort of a weird coincidink. Oh well... re-installed everything anyways, but lost about 2 years of stuff that I was working on.
  8. This past Thursday I flew on one from Texas to California on a flight back from Ft. Wolter. I pulled my laptop out to watch a movie on the flight and my laptop refused to go into Windows. It was working just fine before the flight. Yesterday I tried to figure out what the problem was and it seems that my entire hard drive was wiped clean. Would something inboard the KC-135 do that to my laptop?
  9. Amy Winehouse... Dead

    Oh well. See kids, thats why you should say no to drugs.
  10. Trying to make some extra cash $$$$

    No kangeroos, no shirt!
  11. Trying to make some extra cash $$$$

    So I've opened up my own "online store" at CafePress.com where I've uploaded an image that will be printed on to various styles of shirts. Figured it wouldn't hurt to try something else to make an extra buck. So anyways, if any of you would like to get your hands on one of these "beauties" , here's the link to the page.... http://www.cafepress.com/NOTREADINGHERE This is the image that will be displayed on the shirts
  12. Check Out This Dumbass.....

    Damn! That's gangsta there!
  13. Osama and His 72 "Virgins"

    Epic Awesomeness!!!!!
  14. Thread Etiquette

    Haha! That reminds me so much of someone here that likes to use such "etiquette"

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