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Graphics issues when increasing DetailMeshSize value

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I've recently purchsed WOE and am loving it! Been enjoying browsing the forums and getting some of the quality mods that you guys have created. I have hit upon a bit of a problem with one of the tweaks I discovered whilst browsing...


When I try to increase the DetailMeshSize value in the FlightEngine.ini file I get some very strange graphical anomolies :dntknw: See the screen capture:






As you can see there's a tear in the ground textures for want of a better way to describe it. This artifact forms a loop around my aircraft, I assume at the boundary of the visible range. I've tried all kinds of different values, but I always get this problem. It goes away as soon as I revert back to the original settings.


Any ideas?





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I believe in CFS3 parlance that area is referred to as the "rendering ring". In CFS3 this was generally a set of concentric circles going outward from the center of your aircraft. The terrain detail (or resolution) if you will, would be greatest just under the aircraft.


On my system, with WOE, for example, this ring, is really a square I think. And if you increase the resolution of the terrain tiles, then the area associated with this square becomes smaller, and would appear that the tearing occurs along the boundry of this square. There is another setting somewher in the data.ini for the terrain, that can be set to eliminate this effect, but you are still left with a very visible "rendering ring", because it has been made smaller by the increase in resolution.

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