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  1. I've got a dual core cpu, 50% of which sits idle whilst WOV/WOE rattles along. I've read a number of posts about this, and TK stated that the code was well positioned to support multiple cores, it was just that not many people had them at the time... What about now? Do most people have multi core systems these days?
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions guys : ) I think I've got it about as dark as it's going to go now! It's certainly dark enough that I've come close to stuffing it into the dirt a few times : p To do this I extracted the ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.INI from the FlightData.cat, and made changes to the following sections: [Night] SunHeight=-0.170 SunBrightness=0.00 SunLightLevel=0.00 SunRadiance=0.0 TwilightLensFlare=0.0 SunColor=0.0000,0.000,0.000 AmbientColor=0.04,0.03,0.05 SkyColor=0.01,0.01,0.01 HorizonColor=0.0,0.0,0.0 FogColor=0.0,0.0,0.0 SunSpecularColor=0.0000,0.000,0.000 [Moon] MoonMaterial=MoonMaterial MoonSize=13.0 MoonMaxLightLevel=0.0 MoonLightColor=0.980,0.933,0.478 OvercastAmbientModifier=1.0 OvercastDirectModifier=0.8 MoonTextureFormat=Moon%03d.tga NumMoonPhase=29 NewMoonDate=09/22/1968 I believe it was zeroing out the MoonMaxLightLevel value that really made things get dark : ) It is still possible to see the ground with these settings, but it's rather murky on the other side of the canopy now...
  3. Hmmm, I already tried 0,0,0 on several colour values in the night section, but it didn't give total blackness... I guess I screwed something up? And yes, I am using a TFT screen. I've done some more googling, and it seems that there is a section in the ini for the moon, and one of the values suggests that it does emit light, so I'll try dropping that down some. At the moment I can see everything perfectly well even in the dead of night. I much prefer the EECH kind of approach, where night == pitch black. Much more of a challenge and immersive (granted that offers night vision) :D Thanks for your reply btw...
  4. I've searched and searched and searched, but to no avail. Maybe I'm just using the wrong search terms? Anyway, I've experimented and found some likely looking settings in the ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.INI file... I've tried lowering the [Night] values, and it does seem to have made things darker, but it certainly isn't pitch black by any means. Is it possible to make night time totally dark or am I on a hopeless quest here? Maybe it's the moonlight lighting things up? Is that modelled? Perhaps I should try making it overcast and fly below the cloud level... Hmmmm. Cheers.
  5. Have you noticed any frame rate hit with this alternative? I've used Teamspeak Overlay in the past, and that cost a few FPS, but nothing too painful. How does this app compare?
  6. Thanks Geoff, I'll have a fiddle and see what I can come up with : ) As I said, it's strange as it's only this aircraft that I've noticed the issue with thus far. I wonder what it is about it that causes it? The only thing I can think of is the fact that the centre front panel of the canopy is very small... It perhaps exaggerates the effect more in such a confined space?
  7. Hi, I've been trying out this effect, and I really quite like it so far, but I do have a couple of points to mention. The biggest so far is the fact that when this effect is enabled the canopy for the F105 blooms like mad :S It really obscures the forward view. Other aircraft don't seem to suffer this, any idea what's going on? The pics below show the "nromal" view and the view with the bloom enabled. The other more minor issue that I have found is the the effect tends to wash out a lot of detail from the clouds, which is a shame. But overall I like the what you guys have discovered so far : )
  8. Hello, I hope someone can help me out here... I've recently purchased WoV and the YAP base pack, and one of the YAP missions (I forget which) puts me on CAS in a B57. The issue I have is that the B57 doesn't appear to have any artwork for the pre-flight mission screens. Is it just me or is everyone missing this? Maybe it's because the B57 was previously an AI only aircraft that YAP has enabled? Cheers :yes:
  9. Okies, thanks for the pointer... I'll look through the terrain ini to see if I can spot anything that seems relevant.
  10. I've recently purchsed WOE and am loving it! Been enjoying browsing the forums and getting some of the quality mods that you guys have created. I have hit upon a bit of a problem with one of the tweaks I discovered whilst browsing... When I try to increase the DetailMeshSize value in the FlightEngine.ini file I get some very strange graphical anomolies See the screen capture: As you can see there's a tear in the ground textures for want of a better way to describe it. This artifact forms a loop around my aircraft, I assume at the boundary of the visible range. I've tried all kinds of different values, but I always get this problem. It goes away as soon as I revert back to the original settings. Any ideas? Thanks, Sam.

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