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WWII special weapons anyone? Ex: Mistel

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I know this would be fairly obscure, but it would be interesting to have some of the specialty weapons and conversions of aircraft into guided weapons that occurred during WWII. Specifically, I am thinking of the "Mistel" combination which used either a Fw-190 or a Bf-109 to guide a converted Ju-88 that had a large warhead in place of the crew compartment.

Functionally, in the game a revised 3-D model of the Ju-88 could be attached to the fighter as any bomb would and the correct explosive mass given to it, though the only unrealistic part would be the weight of the "bomb" since the game would only let it carried by the mother plane and not assist in flying. It is just an idea to see if anybody is interested in these weapons.



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You don't have to make a new model.


Check this thread for details:




Here's a hint (I'm in the T-38):







I have done things like that playing around as well, what I meant by a new model was if somebody wanted to make it completely correct looking with the shaped charge warhead and attachment points mounted on the Ju-88. Thanks though.

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