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  1. Is there a problem with the download link? I could not get the download to function on the page. Thanks.
  2. What happened to some of the files that were available for download? For example, I looked in the helicopter section and could not find any of the Blackhawk variants.
  3. Did your reference information show two bomb bays of that size? I'm thinking that the fuel requirements such an airplane would limit the payload to something smaller than that. I do have a tip though, based on the speed this plane was to fly, the bomb bay would probably use the sliding doors like mentioned earlier and employ an ejection mechanism to make sure that a bomb/missile is propelled downward sufficiently to clear the airframe. Sucking a missile into an engine inlet at those Mach numbers would be ugly...lol. Don't get me wrong, it looks very cool and will be neat to fly. Keep up the good work.
  4. Go for it! Intercepting this would be interesting to say the least...I think we would need to have a YF-12 to at least have a chance.
  5. Cool! This will be neat to fly in the game, even if there isn't much to do in a recon mission (other than dodging SAMs and outrunning MiGs...lol).
  6. Nice to see that plane modeled so far along!
  7. Very cool! This will be interesting to use. It is a great model, though I just want to give a friendly reminder not to forget the rear support that connected close to the tail wheel of the Fw-190.
  8. Cool, good work turning out so many new models in a short amount of time!
  9. I don't know how much interest there is, but I thought some of these missiles might be neat to use in someone's mod or user created missions, etc. Could you please make any of the following: SA-1 SAM BOMARC SAM Redstone IRBM D-21 drone (with rocket booster, as launched from B-52)
  10. I've experienced this too, it is the whole missile that is invisible when playing a mission. It doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes it is like the game fails to "see" the .lod and gives you invisible ordnance.
  11. I have done things like that playing around as well, what I meant by a new model was if somebody wanted to make it completely correct looking with the shaped charge warhead and attachment points mounted on the Ju-88. Thanks though.
  12. I know this would be fairly obscure, but it would be interesting to have some of the specialty weapons and conversions of aircraft into guided weapons that occurred during WWII. Specifically, I am thinking of the "Mistel" combination which used either a Fw-190 or a Bf-109 to guide a converted Ju-88 that had a large warhead in place of the crew compartment. Functionally, in the game a revised 3-D model of the Ju-88 could be attached to the fighter as any bomb would and the correct explosive mass given to it, though the only unrealistic part would be the weight of the "bomb" since the game would only let it carried by the mother plane and not assist in flying. It is just an idea to see if anybody is interested in these weapons. http://greyfalcon.us/restored/Junkers%20Ju%2088.htm

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