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Mig-15Bis Cockpit

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Mig-15Bis Cockpit

A Cockpit mod of the Thirdwire Scooter's cockpit, to create the North Korean-modified Mig-15Bis cockpit.


Referenced from multiple color photos, cockpit layout diagrams and the reference "A Mig-15 to Freedom" by Korean war Mig-15 pilot veteran No Kum-Sok and a US university professor.


Instruments and placards moved, eliminated, repainted and painted from scratch.


Individual instruments in Russian as they were historically.


Yes, it correctly has the artificial horizon correctly Soviet-color-reversed, upside down-working (I even flew an ex-Soviet fighter that had this), and correctly no mirrors. Go to this thread for the discussion and color photos of real Mig-15 cockpits.




It includes a gyro lead-computing gunsight as per accounts with an early style English copy round gunsight reticle made in Poland.


Korean Mig-15s severely outnumbered F-86 Sabres in the Korean war and sometimes threatened the air superiority situation. More than a few US aces were shot down by Mig-15s. Mig-15s usually had the critical advantages over the Sabre of a superior untouchable ceiling and generally a much faster climb rate, acceleration and a cannon armament.


The true score of the Mig-15s will probably never be known. However some sources state anywhere from 78-100 F-86 kills depending on the F-86's "lost to unknown causes" categories.



Mod by Richard "Pitts2A" Ordway. Thanks also to Brain32 for mirror placement help and to The Trooper for the coding on making the ADI and to Tazkiller for beta testing.




Complete credits and history in readme.




1-Backup your files!


2- Included is a Mig-15 Cockpit.zip master file. In it are two separate cockpit files for two separate aircraft (Pasko's Mig-15Bis and the Mig-15Bis00 user Mod changed flight model aircraft). Unzip the Mig-15 mastercockpit Zip file. to ...SFP1ObjectsAircraftMig-15Bis or SFP1ObjectsAircraftMig-15bis00.


Within the master Zip file there are two subfiles. Open one of the two named subfiles and drop entire contents into matching named Mig folder.


3-When prompted, overwrite the files.


More detailed instructions are included within.


Just ask at the combatace forum if you have problems.





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