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Q - tactical formations

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Thanks, MrMudd, for you extremely insightful write-ups on this bang-up sim!


Quick Q for you - you mentioned in another thread that closely-spaced contacts appear as a single group at range.


But do AI transit in tactical formations? Usually that means spread out quite far. From what I understand, that's quite a bit further out than makes for pretty screen shots. But that's all I've seen so far - the nice close-in shots that LOOK good.


Not so effective in combat.


So, are "normal" tactical formations (combat spread?) decently spread out?

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Guest MrMudd

Guess we will have to script a VIsual BFM engagement between AI's and observe their behavior.(again its BETA)


the problem with the fly by view of screenshots, is that the players would be small in detail. so i focused on the "hero Shot" aspect....


the sim does have an ability to record a "Flight track, and be replayed in an "Robot fashion" Kinda like our ACMI stuff in the real life.


This goes great for evaluateing the "EVENT"


also their is a scalability for the Ai's performance.


Lots of variables in this....


MadJeff mentioned the what iff scenario in his part 1 preview of the F5 ACM engeagement in poor Visibility he stated the Ai was suprised to see "A big Chunk of ROCK pop out in front of him as he came out of the clouds.....The F5 then tried to manuever away, but impacted the hillside"

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