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  1. There's some talk of STT locks able to give better track quality information for the AMRAAM to use. So, I figured I'd ask Mr Mudd - the best open source available! :) Would like to hear you hold forth on this subject, sir. :)
  2. Oh, I'm all for this. Especially TALDs (ie: jf18) and some GPS munitions.
  3. F16 Vids

    Cool vid. Two was quick on the radio. Dunno if I could do that. I liked the part where they did the sample intercept. Got a quick view of what a notch in real life is like. You heard him say, "Good notch..."
  4. Dancing Ladies !!!!

    "3rd one from the left isn't wearing any panties, cool! " LOL You mean the MIDDLE one! ;)
  5. Idea For Mrmudd

    Hmmmm. Gonna give the good ole LOMAC line of flight simulators some competition, eh? LOL Hey - good onya MM. Wishing you all the best! :)
  6. How do retailers do this? Do they all just agree to sell at manufacturers *suggested* retail price (MSRP) or what? How does one seller suddenly come out and slash his price like this? Does the developer still get the same amount for the original product?
  7. !!! Does that mean we won't have the opportunity to fly online w/ you until at least January? Aw, man... Well, we'll need that long to get back in the groove. Gotta brush up on that BVR and BFM. LOL
  8. Heh! From two guys who've been flying this sim for MONTHS now... LOL
  9. Good Q - how to deal with SAM systems. Another issue in this sim: There aren't any dedicated jammer a/c. There are jammers on/in individual jets I understand, but no EA-6Bs or EF-111s. How we are to deal with double-digit SAMs w/o a critical element in the SAM suppression system we've developed is a little bit beyond me. Also, no TALDs, etc. Those SAMs should eat us alive. What do they do? Dumb the SAMs down to balance out the scales?
  10. YEAH BAYBEE! Now THAT'S a video! Good one, MrMudd! Sound tracks or not - THIS is the stuff great videos are made of! 8)
  11. Just a small note (just had a thought!) HOPEfully, over time, more and more of those jets will move out of the "AI" category and into the "flyable" category.
  12. As a surface warfare officer (destroyer navy) assigned to a Nimitz class carrier, I'd just roll my eyes when I heard the pilots griping that the cappucino machine was shut down (well, only between meals - !) and then whining that the actually had to take navy showers (like oh say the REST of the navy!). My goodness - they never knew how good they had it. Trust me, the carrier is never without mail, fresh fruit and vegetables, or the weekly "safety stand down" (aka -a "day off" for the aviators - the REST of the ship still turns to). We even had a tradition - every Friday night before coming into port we got to have surf and turf - steak and shrimp! Thank you, American taxpayers! There's a lot of creature features on those things, but STILL aviators find stuff to gripe about. Not to say I never griped, but I appreciated the bennies, believe you me.
  13. I'm much more for humans playing a small part in an overall effort with lots of AI aircraft, meaning: - B-1s - B-52s - AWACS - F-16s - Mirages - Tornados - etc - etc 15s fly top cover A-10s are around the front lines The red side doing what the red side does. As for competition, it would be cool to give each side an equal number of assets (X amount of bombers, Y number of fighters, Z number of SAMs) and you have parameters for success: After so many hours, 60% of the other sides [airbases, ports, WMD factories, etc] have to be taken out. If a third party could be set up as a referee and had access to both sides logs, that would just be gravy. Make it somewhat close as possible to R/L. Sounds like fun to me! :)

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