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The Six Million Meter Map (fix TextureList)

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The Six Million Meter Map (fix TextureList)

Currrently correct Texturlist file. Download includes only the tiles needed for "simple" version without complications of the Alpine biome attempted earlier.


6000km in size and purely experimental, this map is the beginning of a long term terrain project that hopefully may generate some interest in classical era strategic air warfare.


USE REQUIREMENT: Be complete Master of the Terrain Editor (TE)....well the map could be used in the game as-is to experiment with, and a few example SAC and PVO airfields are located in interesting locations although some (x > 2400km) don't show up correctly in KMD which was not made for this type of oversize map.


As far as I know, TE by itself can generate a maximum size map of 4800km with four GTOPO30 DEM files. This map is made of several pasted smaller maps, thus allowing a larger size. The included terrain tiles (4km size) are development blanks -- solid colours -- which are required for visibility at full zoomed out views in Terrain Editor. Included are a working Texturelist file and only the needed 71 tile blanks.


Both Texturelist and the CityList filenames begin with "0" -- a zero -- so they appear first in the tiny TE open file box.


A 6000 pixel import map is included. But most simple is to just "open" the HFD file (called "Baikal"), or one may import the 6000 pixel bmp file.


If importing, use this in TE ini file...






Before importing, in the TE choose File-New and use the following values...


Terrain Map Size 6000

Texture Tile Resolution 4000

Height Field Resolution 1000


MANY thanks to Gepard for sharing this tip in the Brain Base terrain tutorials ~> http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showforum=191


The 6000 pixel bmp was developed by importing many GTOPO30 DEM files at 25% height scale, then exporting them each at the TE default's 10, then importing the final cut-n-pasted 6000 pixel bmp at height scale of 41.5. This results in 456m height for Lake Baikal which is my reference, and allows a few Himalaya peaks nearing 8800m.


The 4km textures and 1km height field scale are double SF standard, resulting in some loss of terrain detail but the great advantage is a reasonable map size on hard disk and in game loading. A standard detailed map is easily possible, but at four times the size -- a whopping 275MB HFD file. Also, a vastly higher horizon distance can be used without performance loss. I'm currently running 250km horizon distance with an old ATI-9200 video card.


Ideas for terrain tileage came from World Biomes website ~> http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/world_biomes.htm


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