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  1. LED Madness!

    Dave = JKU ? ?? madness. ... the girls must love that. I just got a really clean YJ. No time to mess with it yet, moving. New landlord says... "You need to get round headlight covers if you want to park that thing here." grrrrh
  2. Berlin: Leaks from BND HQ

    Not related (um I think) but the city had a massive leak last month. Major Water Leak in Berlin ~> http://www.unionleader.com/article/20150215/NEWS07/150219374
  3. Harrison Ford Reported Fair After Plane Crash

    nah, alot of simple tricks and nonsense. He had a good blaster at his side here. ... blasting or flying, good skills.
  4. After the North-Korean version of Top Gun

    ssshhh not give TK any ideas here. Freaking ~loved~ them snakes and how they look around though. Massive props compressor blades for that.
  5. Berlin: Leaks from BND HQ

    Water taps yanked from new Bunde spy agency building. Lots of water damage. Totally "gets it" with title ~> http://sputniknews.com/europe/20150305/1019099118.html BBC somewhat also, but *lots* more info ~> http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-31746602
  6. F-22s at Red Flag

    The night shots are very sweet thanks again MB.
  7. 109 car!

    Needs lots of gas stations too. Could have found better alternatives, maybe. I just got a YJ, and apartment mgmt says I have to get round headlight covers to park there. like what? Anyways, I hadn't thought of modding up some drop tanks until now. Thanks!!
  8. ‘Star Trek’ Star Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83

    My fave in the series. Very inspiring to at least some young to see such honesty -- Spock-- in a dishonest world. All of them were fantastic. Although my fave trekisode was Tholian Web where, for the only time I've read, the crew had to work the problem without Kirk anywhere around. They should have done more of those.
  9. no pics. Is it lenticularlar saucer shaped by any chance?
  10. That's why you never store a backup plugged into your computer. I always say, keep MULTIPLE independent backups stored away from computer. I use old hard drives, slowly cycling through them, bringing each closer to up to date If used only for cold storage, they last forever. You do know of course, that if you have only one backup, and your main drive goes down, you don't have any *backup* anymore. Think about it. That's what happened to you dragon. ie... one backup is no backup, unless you are very lucky. Like me last year. I got a bit sloppy and made only one backup of my super map. My main drive went down and I had forgotten I made the backup. Went for months thinking I lost it. I found it. I got lucky, this time. I immediately made extra backups on top of backups when I stumbled across my map I thought I lost.
  11. Keep all your old stuph. No need to zip it. Old hard drives, even 10 years old, are so giga big. Just another idea. Baltika has a http://combatace.com/files/file/10530-kamchatka-peninsula-v-10/'>Kamchatka map. Think about a campaign North Kamchatka vs South Kamchatka. Kamchatka War. Maybe 1960.
  12. Korean War Gun Camera Footage

    Yough interesting vid thanks Dough! I liked the apparent "gentleness" of the high altitude tracking and closing on targets. Like slow motion. I need to play more strikemfighters again.
  13. Yea that was the Mystery Airstrikes from last year. ~> http://combatace.com/topic/61055-nightwatch/?do=findComment&comment=672852
  14. Fuel Prices, back in the "day"

    Best thing I ever found was a USAF advertisement for B-47 pilots....about 1955 I think. 5000$ a year salary ... and that's on top of the three headed monster training where all crew members had to train for all duties on that plane. McGill's new book goes into that ...the training, didn't write about the pay. mmm
  15. Trans Asia plane crash

    ugh . Pulling out survivors. Taxi got clipped, smashed, but occupant/s okay there...so far.

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