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AKU-58 Launcher for MiG-27M ,MiG-29SM and Yak-41

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AKU-58 Launcher for MiG-27M ,MiG-29SM and Yak-41

Hello everybody !!!


As you know ( or not ) some soviet missiles are launched from AKU-58 rail.


These missiles are : Kh-29 ,Kh-58 ,Kh-31 ,Kh-35 ( and Kh-59 but it not exist in SF yet )


I don't create an AKU-58 3D model but I use existed "2br" double bomb rack from bunyap weaponpack -it looks very similar. ( I rename it to AKU and change colour of bmp file)




Used 3D models: "2br" from Bunyap WeaponPack.


Original DATA and LOADOUT files for MiG-27M from Mig-27D by wpnssgt, ghostrider, gepard, usafmtl, bib and moonjumper - modification to M version by lindr2.


Original DATA and LOADOUT files for MiG-29SM from MiG-29A by Michael "wpnssgt" Engle, Column5, USAFMTL.


Original DATA and LOADOUT files for Yak-41b from Yak-41 By Gabilon and Fubar512


All modifications of this file by me.




V 1.1 News: I fixed BOMB adding for MiG-27M and MiG-29SM ( mean change pylones structure in data.ini file) and I add to Loadout.ini file pylons structure for each aircraft.

(HEAVY pylon means Pylon for Kh-29,Kh-58 ,Kh-31 ,Kh-35)


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