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N00b question here folks...


Where's the best and most populous place for IL-2 multiplayer? (I have IL-2: 1946 with the 4.09b patch installed.)


My (online) multiplayer experience to this point consists of occasional forays into the Battlefield series ('42, Vietnam, 2, and 2142) and a couple of somewhat painful weeks of Star Wars Galaxies.


Ideally, I'd love to hop into some sizeable multiplayer air battles like I've seen on YouTube, but Hyperlobby didn't seem to have any games to offer. (Maybe I was on at the wrong time...)


Are there specific areas on CA that deal with multiplayer IL-2 (servers/campaigns/missions, etc.)?



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Best bet is to get Xfire, Cupcakes. That'll give you a looooong list of Il2 servers. Skies of Fire is a good one for all out dogfighting with the same planesets for both sides, and realistic flight settings (Limited Ammo, Closed cockpits/eternal view not locked.)



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For multiplayer you need v408 version of the game, v409b as the letter "b" inidcates is only a beta...

BTW you did something wrong with HyperLobby, there are always people on, there's no "bad time"

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Thanks for the advice; you guys were right! I checked out xFire and it looked quite interesting. But I was actually able to get Hyperlobby working on my computer and noticed that I had been looking at the wrong screen to find the games. :slow:


After I had that epiphany, I noticed that Forgotten Battles had hundreds of games going, and I easily found Skies of Fire.


I ended up playing for a couple of hours and getting my butt kicked repeatedly...not to mention crashing my Me262 on takeoff a few times. But that's all part of the fun, eh?

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