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  1. Thanks! Since the original mod was made before that patch, I wasn't sure if the patch would mess it up.
  2. I recently installed Edward's original Korea mod--and his update--to my SFP1, and my biggest frustration was the missing carriers, not to mention the exploding planes on anything other than the "easy" setting for collisions. Your file fixed ALL of this...thanks!!! One question...can I use your update to Edward's mod with the 8/30/06 patch, or will using that patch cause the mod not to work? (The October 08 update seems to keep the mod from working...) Thanks again!
  3. I meant the T-4 (Sukhoi), not the Tu-4. Sorry about that! Cupcake? Oh dear, I was afraid someone would ask eventually...and you just had to be the one, huh Spectre? Yes, I'm male. It's a long--and very boring--story that goes back more than 10 years to when I had a wrestler named "Cupcake Jones" on one of those old Play Station WWF "Raw" games. Needless to say, he didn't win much...but he stuck with me. My friends and I just couldn't play without Cupcake climbing into the ring...and getting thrown out jsut as quickly. I figure if I am playing a multiplayer session of Wings Over Whatever or IL-2, and the other folks see my name is "Cupcake," they'll be so intimidated, nay, petrified with abject terror, they'll turn around and fly home! I'll check again for the SR-71. I probably missed it somewhere in there. Yeah, I figured the XB-70 would be a bit of a problem to design...I would just love to pull up alongside one and get a look at it...that's if I could catch it! Thanks all for getting back to me so fast!
  4. I was going through the "What's Available" part of the Knowledge Base the other day and I was wondering if anyone thought about making an XB-70. I would be thrilled to see one, even if it was nothing more than an "AI Only" model. The same goes for the Tu-4 and the SR-71. I would love to see these planes in action, even if it's just to fly with them/against them and not in them. Have these planes been constructed already and I just missed them somewhere amidst the millions of files out there? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the advice; you guys were right! I checked out xFire and it looked quite interesting. But I was actually able to get Hyperlobby working on my computer and noticed that I had been looking at the wrong screen to find the games. After I had that epiphany, I noticed that Forgotten Battles had hundreds of games going, and I easily found Skies of Fire. I ended up playing for a couple of hours and getting my butt kicked repeatedly...not to mention crashing my Me262 on takeoff a few times. But that's all part of the fun, eh?
  6. AWesome! I was just reading about this plane the other day and thought, "yeah, sure, this one will never get built/finished, it's too obscure," and here it is! Thanks Wrench!
  7. N00b question here folks... Where's the best and most populous place for IL-2 multiplayer? (I have IL-2: 1946 with the 4.09b patch installed.) My (online) multiplayer experience to this point consists of occasional forays into the Battlefield series ('42, Vietnam, 2, and 2142) and a couple of somewhat painful weeks of Star Wars Galaxies. Ideally, I'd love to hop into some sizeable multiplayer air battles like I've seen on YouTube, but Hyperlobby didn't seem to have any games to offer. (Maybe I was on at the wrong time...) Are there specific areas on CA that deal with multiplayer IL-2 (servers/campaigns/missions, etc.)? Thanks!
  8. I dowloaded and installed the 4.09b patch myself a couple of weeks ago and it seems to work fine, but I was not aware that there were plans to add new aircraft, or make any non-flyable aircraft flyable. Where's a good place to get news on the 4.09 final release?
  9. Excellent! And I have a couple of friends who get on my case about playing "stupid fighter-plane games." I guess they'd rather "pwn" some orcs and farm for XP... (Not that orc-pwning and XP-farming is necessarily bad in and of itself...)
  10. Excellent! I will definitely give this a try. Thank-you so much for the suggestion!
  11. I thought I did have the right forum...maybe I need to re-read the forum rules more carefully next time! I was actually able to get the AIRCRAFTOBJECTS file for WOI and when I dropped it into WOE, it seemed to fix the problem. Now I can't seem to stop dying! Thanks!
  12. Very interesting! Another member gave me the AIRCRAFTOBJECTS file for WOI and when I used it, I definitely noticed a difference. Thanks!
  13. Does anyone know if there is a way to make the AI planes more aggressive in attacking and dogfighting? I have set their intelligence and experience to 100 in the .ini files and they still won't attack my plane no matter what I do. (Although they do seem to be much more adept at avoiding my gunfire and missiles when I attack them...) I will attack a plane and then drop my speed and wait for it to attack me...and it acts as though I am not even there and flies away. I only seem to be capable of dying at the hands of the SAMs, and it sure ain't 'cause I am a good pilot! Is this simply a matter of what mission I am currently flying? For instance, on the first mission of a campaign, perhaps they don't attack, but gradually get more aggressive as I complete missions and get further into the campaign? Or maybe it's because of what sort of mission that particular AI plane is set to fly? (For instance, if it's programmed to attack a ground target it may ignore air targets?) Or maybe I am just missing something... Thanks!

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