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Airfields and Buildings lighting pack (SFP1/SFG)

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Airfields and Buildings lighting pack (SFP1/SFG)

Airfields and Buildings lighting pack (SFP1/SFG)

Welcome to the Approach and Airfield Lighting pack for ALL friendly airfields for Strike Fighters Project 1 (SFP1) and Strike Fighters Gold (SFG).


This pack puts approach lights at the end of each runway and anti-collision lights on all tall buildings and structures, for each type and layout of runway for all friendly airfields.


Updated for October 2008 Thirdwire Patch: Alternative airfield lighting definition files are now included that work with the October 2008 patched version of the game.


Acknowledgements, Disclaimer and Terms

Thank you to TK and all modders who have provided the platform and prerequisites I use in my packs. If there are any problems with this pack and my own modifications, then please contact me directly, not the authors of the prerequisites. Note that prerequisites have their own terms and conditions that may differ from those defined for this pack.


Note: There are no prerequisites for this pack.


Released under Fair-Use terms, as defined at CombatAce


Update v1.01

Fixed a bug in D5 airfield runway definition in _targets.ini - I forgot to set the heading back to 60 degrees (set to 0 degrees for development only.)


Update v1.10

Added alternative airfield lighting definition files, compatible with the Thirdwire October 2008 version of the game. Removed test mission file and supporting files, to simplify the download content and installation process.



  • New lighting definition files for all friendly airfield types and layouts
  • Replacement _TARGETS.INI file to make use of new lighting files


comrpnt (June 2008, revised July 2009)


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