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TLG 3.0 Thread

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TLG 3.0 is shaping up to be our largest mod release. So far the change log is quite large and we still have so much more to do. This release will correct some of the balancing issues of the TLG 2.3 release and make the ships looks much better and canon. This is especially true of the Cardassians that have had a complete texture rework done to make them look more like what we have seen. A lot of the bugs in TLG 2.3 have been ironed out with more being worked on daily. The release date of TLG 3.0 currently is unknown as the team wants to fix all of the issues that we know about to get a firm foundation for our campaign to really shine. Due t the demands of our multi-era campaign we need to work on every era in TLG to get them all on the same level of canon and quality so that the campaign is able to strike you with both its own great story writing but excellent execution within the game itself.

The new campaign is really coming along nicely. Our first mission is working properly and we are currently making final tweaks to it. As we get closer to the release of TLG 3.0 some of the missions will be made available for people to try out.

Our website has been updated as well so please feel free to stop by and give use feedback on TLG 2.3 and what you would like to see in TLG 3.0. We are also in need of beta testers to give us feedback on TLG 3.0 and give us suggestions as well. You can contact us on our site or just contact me.

We are currently on our fourth internal beta. Below are the list of changes to TLG 3.0 starting from Beta 1:


New Features:

Map Editor is now orking/ Tjoz is working on more fixes

Fixed Errors in Map Editor

Orbit Command Enabled

Warp Throttle Icon and Text Enabled Thanks to Alexraptor for finding this feature

Valdore Class Added

Load Screens:

3 New TLG Load Screens with Custom Load Animation


Map Changes:

Maps are better organized

Removed ERA Specific Maps

Integration of Miri's High Resolution Starfield for Maps

Bajor Map Overhauled

Added DMTorros

Added DMIce

Added DMMorena

Added DMSaigon

ODF Changes and Balancing Tweaks:

Avenger NX09 Hero Ship Added to Map Editor Selection

New Small Class M Moon Added to Map Editor

Akayzi Class scale corrected to 216 from 245

Dominion Firing Arcs Adjusted to have better targeting

Breen and Dominion Ships names changed to "Unknown" ODF files since names are unknown

Galor Classes Given new canon specific names

Implemented F Avenger.odf hero ship for campaign

Cardassian Firing Arcs Adjusted to reflect better targeting

Extended the range on some context menu commands

ENT Romulan Base and turrets now are stated for ENT Era

Daedalus Class Now has working in-game and menu registries

TMP Phasers have a smaller firing arc but increased weapons use

Miranda Now has 6 forward and aft Torps, but no lower phaser firing arcs as per canon

Enterprise B Registry Added to Excelsior Refit

Tweaked Phasero.odf for better animation effect

Hero Ship Bug Fix Added

Vorcha MK1 Added

TNG ships with output over 2200PW now have 1/3 recharge time and decreased 1/3 firing time

Integrated other post TLG 2.3 tweaks made by Rogue Vulcan and Ilithi

Extended the range of context menu: Orbit, hail, etc now work from further distances

Game Modes:

Armada Mode Now Works in TLG

All Missions Menu Restored

Load Missions Menu Restored



Integration of Mark/Moonraker High Resolution Registries

Galaxy Class Stock Restored Deflect and Improved Specs, texture, and bumps

Nebula Class Stock Restored Deflect and Improved Specs, texture, and bumps

Sovereign Class Stock Restored Improved Specs, texture, and bumps

Nova Class Stock Restored: Improved Specs, texture, and bumps

Streamrunner Class Stock Improved Specs, texture, and bumps

Norway Class: Improved Specs, texture, and bumps

Defiant Class: Improved Specs, texture, and bumps

Intrepid Class: Improved Specs, texture, and bumps

Ambassador Class: Improved Specs, texture, and bumps

TMP Constitution Refit: Proper Glows and Specs

TMP Miranda Refit: Proper Glows and Specs

TMP Apollo Refit: Proper Glows and Specs

TMP Akyasi Refit: Proper Textures and Glows Now Matches Other TMP Ships

TMP Constellation: Proper Glows, Specs, Bumps

TMP Centaur Class: Proper Glows, Specs, Bumps

TMP Excelsior Class: Proper Glows, Specs, Bumps

TMP Excelsior Refit Class: Proper Glows, Specs, Bumps

TMP Oberth: Proper Glows, Specs, Bumps

All Cardassian Ships have New Texture, Bump and Spec Maps

Deep Space 9: Improved Specs and new glow texture

Dominion Attack Ship Revised Textures

Dominion Battlecruiser: Revised Textures

New TOS Romulan Torp as seen in "The Deadly Years"

New TOS Federation Torp as seen in the new TOS Episodes


Special Effects Changes:

Changed Gamma to .134 for better shadows

Change Torpedo Size to 12 and slowed down torpedoes so that they are more visible

Custom TEM 2.4 Enhanced Particle Explosions

TEM 2.4 Warp Effect Texture

Improved TMP Phasers they now look like pulse phasers

New TMP Phaser Texture

Phaser Explosions on Hull made larger

TMP Phaser Impact Changed to xbeamimpact.dds


UI Changes:

New TLG Logo

New Main Menu

New 3d Ship Icons

UI is Xbox Controller and Keyboard Friendly

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