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  1. The LSS Project has entered the next phase of its production. Working now as part of "The Legenday Generations" mod team, it is our aim to not just deliver new and exciting single player content, but to do so while telling a fresh story painstakingly constructed around the events of the Legacy stock campaign story and the canon events of the Star Trek series and movies. It is not enough to simple show the story, but the story must be told with our voices. Our story, "The Shadows of Vengence", spans from 2160 through 2379, with four captains and four starships focusing on the post-Enterprise era, the TOS/TMP era, the Lost Era(pre-TNG) and TNG era, and the Dominion War and TNG movie era, focusing on the relationship between Earth and Romulus from the Earth-Romulan war to the events that followed Star Trek: Nemesis. More than just the voice acting for the captains is necessary though, this is why this call is so crucial. I plan on filling one of these rolls along with directing the voice acting, but there are still 20 rolls that need to be cast. Some of these are only a couple lines during a specific mission, others are much more intensive taking part in multiple missions within one or more of the acts. What counts is that none of these rolls is minor. There are no extras to walk in the background, no need for walk-ons to hand someone a prop, every character helps the greater story unfold in one way or another. For anyone interested in enacting a character of a specific race, given the focus of the story the majority of the characters are either Humans (or from Federation races at the very least) or Romulans. There are two smaller roles not of these two groups, one Yridian and one Klingon. What is important in taking on one of these rolls is that you have fun when you are doing it. If you've never done anything like this, it's still fine to want to participate, actually I encourage you to participate! Some of the best amateur work I've seen comes from people who took a leap of faith and gave it a go when placed in a larger role. With a little patience and a little effort, a lot of great work can be drawn out. If you have done work in voice acting or live acting, I still encourage you to volunteer for this project. It never hurts to have the perspective of seasoning brought to the table, and I assure you that the ultimate goal is excellence in these recordings. I don't expect anyone to go out and buy a $200 dollar microphone, but it will be necessary to have a quiet place to record where you won't be disturbed and just as importantly where you won't be disturbing anyone else (because I may expect you to be loud when recording for effect). I would like to think that regardless of anyone's affiliation with different mods, systems, attitudes, etc. we can work together on this. I willing to work with anyone else who is willing to work, and I do mean work, on this. If you are interested in this, first fill out the questions below and send it in to me via e-mail (rogueangyl@gmail.com) or a pm (either on this board or on The Official Bethesda/Star Trek Boards). 1) What background do you have with any type of acting, stage work, etc? (remember, not having extensive experience does not mean you can't be a part of this) 2) Tell me about how you would like to contribute (Are you interested in just recording a few lines, do you think you would make a good captain, any specific eras you are interested in, would you rather play one of the darker roles, etc?) 3) What is you preferred method of private communication? (e-mail address, pm, etc. Keep in mind you will need to send me the sound files in some way, so whatever is easier on your connection. I will not be releasing e-mail addresses to anyone without prior consent.) After that, you will be getting a reply with further instructions, including samples to pre-record to help me better cast the different roles. In addition to this, TLG still invites individuals to be part of the team as beta testers and modders for various projects for the next major release. Beta testers may also get a first shot at playing the new 22 campaign missions as well, which are in development at the current time. Check out these boards for more information.
  2. TLG 3.0 Thread

    TLG 3.0 is shaping up to be our largest mod release. So far the change log is quite large and we still have so much more to do. This release will correct some of the balancing issues of the TLG 2.3 release and make the ships looks much better and canon. This is especially true of the Cardassians that have had a complete texture rework done to make them look more like what we have seen. A lot of the bugs in TLG 2.3 have been ironed out with more being worked on daily. The release date of TLG 3.0 currently is unknown as the team wants to fix all of the issues that we know about to get a firm foundation for our campaign to really shine. Due t the demands of our multi-era campaign we need to work on every era in TLG to get them all on the same level of canon and quality so that the campaign is able to strike you with both its own great story writing but excellent execution within the game itself. The new campaign is really coming along nicely. Our first mission is working properly and we are currently making final tweaks to it. As we get closer to the release of TLG 3.0 some of the missions will be made available for people to try out. Our website has been updated as well so please feel free to stop by and give use feedback on TLG 2.3 and what you would like to see in TLG 3.0. We are also in need of beta testers to give us feedback on TLG 3.0 and give us suggestions as well. You can contact us on our site or just contact me. We are currently on our fourth internal beta. Below are the list of changes to TLG 3.0 starting from Beta 1: New Features: Map Editor is now orking/ Tjoz is working on more fixes Fixed Errors in Map Editor Orbit Command Enabled Warp Throttle Icon and Text Enabled Thanks to Alexraptor for finding this feature Valdore Class Added Load Screens: 3 New TLG Load Screens with Custom Load Animation Map Changes: Maps are better organized Removed ERA Specific Maps Integration of Miri's High Resolution Starfield for Maps Bajor Map Overhauled Added DMTorros Added DMIce Added DMMorena Added DMSaigon ODF Changes and Balancing Tweaks: Avenger NX09 Hero Ship Added to Map Editor Selection New Small Class M Moon Added to Map Editor Akayzi Class scale corrected to 216 from 245 Dominion Firing Arcs Adjusted to have better targeting Breen and Dominion Ships names changed to "Unknown" ODF files since names are unknown Galor Classes Given new canon specific names Implemented F Avenger.odf hero ship for campaign Cardassian Firing Arcs Adjusted to reflect better targeting Extended the range on some context menu commands ENT Romulan Base and turrets now are stated for ENT Era Daedalus Class Now has working in-game and menu registries TMP Phasers have a smaller firing arc but increased weapons use Miranda Now has 6 forward and aft Torps, but no lower phaser firing arcs as per canon Enterprise B Registry Added to Excelsior Refit Tweaked Phasero.odf for better animation effect Hero Ship Bug Fix Added Vorcha MK1 Added TNG ships with output over 2200PW now have 1/3 recharge time and decreased 1/3 firing time Integrated other post TLG 2.3 tweaks made by Rogue Vulcan and Ilithi Extended the range of context menu: Orbit, hail, etc now work from further distances Game Modes: Armada Mode Now Works in TLG All Missions Menu Restored Load Missions Menu Restored Ships/Textures: Integration of Mark/Moonraker High Resolution Registries Galaxy Class Stock Restored Deflect and Improved Specs, texture, and bumps Nebula Class Stock Restored Deflect and Improved Specs, texture, and bumps Sovereign Class Stock Restored Improved Specs, texture, and bumps Nova Class Stock Restored: Improved Specs, texture, and bumps Streamrunner Class Stock Improved Specs, texture, and bumps Norway Class: Improved Specs, texture, and bumps Defiant Class: Improved Specs, texture, and bumps Intrepid Class: Improved Specs, texture, and bumps Ambassador Class: Improved Specs, texture, and bumps TMP Constitution Refit: Proper Glows and Specs TMP Miranda Refit: Proper Glows and Specs TMP Apollo Refit: Proper Glows and Specs TMP Akyasi Refit: Proper Textures and Glows Now Matches Other TMP Ships TMP Constellation: Proper Glows, Specs, Bumps TMP Centaur Class: Proper Glows, Specs, Bumps TMP Excelsior Class: Proper Glows, Specs, Bumps TMP Excelsior Refit Class: Proper Glows, Specs, Bumps TMP Oberth: Proper Glows, Specs, Bumps All Cardassian Ships have New Texture, Bump and Spec Maps Deep Space 9: Improved Specs and new glow texture Dominion Attack Ship Revised Textures Dominion Battlecruiser: Revised Textures New TOS Romulan Torp as seen in "The Deadly Years" New TOS Federation Torp as seen in the new TOS Episodes Special Effects Changes: Changed Gamma to .134 for better shadows Change Torpedo Size to 12 and slowed down torpedoes so that they are more visible Custom TEM 2.4 Enhanced Particle Explosions TEM 2.4 Warp Effect Texture Improved TMP Phasers they now look like pulse phasers New TMP Phaser Texture Phaser Explosions on Hull made larger TMP Phaser Impact Changed to xbeamimpact.dds UI Changes: New TLG Logo New Main Menu New 3d Ship Icons UI is Xbox Controller and Keyboard Friendly
  3. Back from a Long Hiatus...

    Here is an update from Rogue Angyl who is working on our new campaign. I will be posting more info on our changelog and possibly some screenshots: "Good news! Our campaign is officially in production as of this point. A big impediment over the last couple months was getting missions scripted. I've had a lot of help with people steering me in the right direction on some things since I first decided to launch the LSS Project, but not being a very computer oriented person it took a lot of group-up learning and studying the stock missions to understand how it works. Right now development of prototype missions are in the works concurrent with the finalization of the working script and storyboards, so some time in the near future I hope to start recruiting people to do the voice acting. I would hope that anyone who is interested regardless of their affiliations to mods or even Legacy on the PC would be willing to participate in this. I've had a background acting and directing with people of all different experience levels so I don't want anyone to feel intimidate if they've never done voicework before, I will work with anyone to achieve the final product. I'll be putting a formal call up on these boards and elsewhere probably next week, it will detail all the information that will be needed if anyone is interested:"
  4. Back from a Long Hiatus...

    It has been a busy few weeks but a lot of work is being put into TLG by a few of us who still have the time to mod. Rogue Angyl is working on getting his campaign to work properly and we should have a test of the first mission in a few days. I have been doing quite a bit of work on the UI with help from Tjoz. I have also been working on textures for ships so that they look better in game. As well as some new load screens with new load animations. Tjoz has been a great help with getting the map editor in TLG up and running much better now so that not only the team but players can make better maps easier. I will have some shots of the new particle explosions after they are tweaked some more. They are like the explosions in the unreleased version 2.4 of TEM. Below are some screenshots of what has been cooking:
  5. The crew of TLG is back after a long hiatus. While not all of us are back, most of us are gathering and discussing ideas as to where we want TLG to go in the future. Our current team is not as large as it used to be since some folks are still very busy with real life stuff. Currently myself, Rogue Vulcan, Ilithi Dragon, Rogue Angyl, and the addition of Tjoz whom like me will be doing work for both the Aftermath mod and TLG. The TLG team is in need of new beta testers and team members. We are looking for any positions that modders or new comers want to fill. In particular we are looking for people who are interested in mission scripting, voice work, texturing, etc. While we have been discussing where we would like The Legendary Generations mod to go in the future we have also been working on a variety of fronts in TLG. Currently we have worked on a new UI that is dramatically different from past releases thanks to the work of Tjoz and myself. We are also working through all of TLG’s ships and tweaking them to look better and correct some errors that some of the ships had. All ships will have registries that are canon. Balancing issues in the game are also being resolved by our team though through more beta testing we will be doing more tweaking to meld canon and good gameplay. Our number one priority right now is to get TLG working so that the gameplay is smooth and canon, the ships, graphics, and sounds bring you the best and most canon gameplay possible. Once all of that is done we will be working towards are next phase of TLG. We have been working with Rogue Angyl on his Legacy Side Story called: “The Shadows of Vengeance.” The campaign makes is multi era and will give players both enjoyable combat and a well thought out story that will further enhance the user experience. Now that all of that is out of the way you can expect to be hearing more updates from TLG, along with screenshots of our progress, in the future. I encourage anyone who has played TLG 2.3 to please leave us feedback on our forum as to what changes or fixes you would like to see in our next release of TLG so that we can try to implement them. If you are interested in beta testing or becoming a member of TLG please go to our forum at: http://www.tlg.reswebservices.com/forumindex.php
  6. TLG 2.3

    Give me a few more weeks to let you know on that Dagger as I can only guestimate the size of the 2.3 addition uncompressed and that doens't even include the stuff we are going to add and the other install ie 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2. I can tell you though it is going to be a lot even after compression. :)
  7. TLG 2.3

    Thanks Fates. In the next week or so I will put up a more comprehensive update that will tell you exactly where we are at in TLG 2.3 and more screenshots. Glad you are liking the work we are putting into Legacy and I hope others are as well.
  8. TLG 2.3

    TLG 2.3 will be a completely new base install. That being said it will be a standalone update that will need a fresh install of Legacy. That is why I was asking you about the maximum size for file uploads on your server. This update on its own stands at 278MB uncompressed and we still have about 15 more ships to port and we are retexturing practically everything in Legacy with higher resolution textures. Sethie's new explosion look much more like the explosion textures seen in DS9 rather than the low resolution textures that Legacy used by default. Also when I can be expecting your questions for the TLG piece? I am thinking I could give you some new screenshots of our progress and use it for information for our next TLG 2.3 update.
  9. The Aftermath Mod First Release!

    Very good mod folks. I have installed next to my copy of TLG 2.3 Beta right now. Very fun to play and Armada mode is a blast.
  10. TLG 2.3 Info

    Hey folks just giving you guys an update on the mod. Right now we are looking at a mid-August release date. This will be a standalone update. Much as TLG 2.0 has been a base installation for 2.1 and 2.2 2.3 will be another base installation due to the scale of improvements that we are offering. Right now we have had a ton of help from Tjoz who deserves a huge thanks for the work he has been doing for the team on the side while working on The Aftermath Mod. We have a new feature that we are just getting implimented right now that is something very new and very different that other mods haven't tried yet but we think will go over very well. It has nothing to do with gameplay but we believe it will make Legacy a much more well rounded game. Ok now onto the list of what has been done thus far for the coming release: Wolf 359 Ships are now being ported over to TLG. We are wokrking on cleaning up the textures and bump maps as well as reworking new odf files so that that ships have canon stats and proper firing points. This pack includes: Niagara Class, Challenger Class, Freedom Class, Springfield Class, Cheyene Class, and the New Orleans Class. New TMP Phaser sounds, Klingon TMP torp sounds and Federation TNG Bridge Ambient Sound: Weapon Effects ripped from DVDs at 24bit sampling. TNG Bridge Sound ripped from CD at 20bit sampling. New TOS Connie Model Secret Feature is being worked on right now: Thanks Tjoz New Maps New Load Screen Revised Stats for some old ships to make them more canon New Visual Enhancement Pack with New Explosion Effects and Scalable Graphics: Still a WIP New Race Selection Screen Changed Camera Angle on Ships in Fleet Selection Revised Textures for ENT Challenger and Sarevejo Class: Ships look more canon compared to the original ports Enhanced Textures on all ships in game to make them look better until we can port or create a new model and texture. We have a lot more that we are working on so the list is not stopping here. I have a notepad list about a page long for changes we are still going to be working on beyond these. Here are some shots of the Challenger Class on one of our new maps the Kolarin System:
  11. This should shape up to be a great mod as tjoz has done some great work for TLG and UUM. He is quite talented and very open to outside ideas as both him and I worked on the UI together and it turned out great. He is very talented and I will have another installation of Legacy ready for this mod.
  12. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...ode=sst&id=4894 File Name: The Legendary Generations Mod v2.2File Submitter: Accurus File Submitted: 26 Jun 2007 File Category: Add-Ons Click here to download this file
  13. Version


  14. TLG 2.2 Released!

    The next installment of TLG 2.0 is here. The Cardassians are now a playable race along with the Borg Cube. The next few releases will be focused on adding more races and expanding the ship selection of all the races present in the game. The Borg will geta major facelift soon but for now we offer you the Borg Cube to attack or assimilate with. There are several new pulse weapons textures as well as a retextured ENT Romulan race. As well there is a map editor that has been added to our user interface so that TLG users can explore the map editor and create their own custom maps. We will be opening up a new section on our forums to host new custom maps so that all users can enjoy custom maps. As well if enough maps are made a user map pack is something that could be in the future. For other changes see below. Changelog: New Federation Class Icon Cardassians Race Added: Obsidian Order Keldon with cloaking device Romulan ENT Retextures All Stock Maps are now Resized Tractor Beams Included: Target ship must have no engines in order to use Nebula Crash Bug Fix Borg Cube Added in Skirmish Mode New Splash Screen with Cardassians Balancing Changes Map Editor: Added under the extras menu Andorian Kumari: Now has a damage Mesh Xindi Insectoid: Now has a damage Mesh Revised Xindi and Andorian Icons ENT Federation Sarajevo Class Added Thanks for your Continued Support: The TLG Team Note: I am currently uploading the file to Combat Ace and it should be on later today.
  15. TLG 2.2 Info

    Right now TLG 2.2 is well under development. The release should be either this week or early next week but as always things may get in the way of that. Our Changelog for now is as follows: New Federation Class Icon Cardassian Race: Obsidian Order, New Textures and Icons Romulan ENT Retextures New ENT Federation Ship All Stock Maps are now Resized Tractor Beams Nebula Bug Fix Borg Back in Game New Splash Screen Balancing Changes Map Editor built into the UI Plans for 2.3 are also being made so the mod. As summer approaches and for some of us school slows down or stops we will be making a lot more releases with more features. Good gaming and we hope you enjoy.

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