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Magical Moments

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We all have them in the game, and I had one last night.


I was into about mission 6 of a campaign flying a Morane N doing a recon over the trenches with one one wingmen, when we were pounced by 2 Fokker E3as.


I had come across this particular squadron before, knew they were tough, so adrenilin levels started to rise. Also remembered that my wingmen was a rookie, it was meant to be a training flight. He scampered pretty quick, probably the best thing too...he may have been green, but he wasn't thick!


Anyway with some difficulty shot down one Fok.E3a, but the second was a real handful. I was in trouble, and thinking another EA would join in too, they tend to do this.


Then all of a sudden this white Nieuport 11, just dropped gacefully from the skies from nowhere, positioning itself beautifully directly behind the E3a in which I was in a fierce turning fight, slowed down and steadied itself, fired for about 2 secs, and sent the E3a down as a flamer. It was all over in 4-5 seconds.


It jiggled around a bit, looking pleased with itself, the pilot looked at me (as they do in FE), seemed to wink, banked gently and flew off.


Its funny, these sorts of moments are just so memorable, so immersive, somehow better than 100 dogfights.

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Good one. This is one aspect of the campaign engine that doesn't get enough credit. People who say First Eagles just isn't "immersive" enough aren't spending much time with it, IMHO.

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