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Discovery channel's Nasa's 50 th aniversary special

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do someone watched or are watching it?

Damn, its real good the only sad thing is : it just have 20 mins :(


but i say again....its marvelous! great! perfect! never watched images from NASA's archives.....

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Yesterday, i've watched the final apollo missions and the skylab build in DC both where pretty good.

today will broadcast the first shuttle missions and it seems pretty good xD


but what i think it: in past 60s/70s/80s nasa show all glamour, but now it seems no one is intressed in space exploration :(

IRRC since i'm concient of my acts, they mars exploration mission was cancelled 2 times :blink: i know it isn't for free but in 60's and 70's the apollo missions were a revolutionary thing!

some times i really think Kennedy was the man behind all this and without him america lost the intrest in space.

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Well, it was also the whole "beat the Soviets" thing. When we got to the Moon first, it seemed the nation as a whole just sort of lost interest. Possibly because having been beaten there, the USSR decided to abandon the program. Without anyone else trying to go as competition, it seems the public saw no purpose in continuing.

Basically, the "race" idea as sold to the people was wrong as once you made it no one cared anymore.

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