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LAU-88 for AGM-65D

The LAU-88 Rack is used on the F-16 to attach a load of Maverick AGM-65's to the wings. In theory the LAU-88 can carry up to 3 missiles yet most F-16's never carry more then 2 missiles per LAU-88, especially with the AGM-65D. AFAIK this either done for weight reasons (the wing attachment points can't carry the weight of 3 AGM-65D), for G-limitations or either because the inward missile would get in the way of inner wing attachments.


In SF/WOV/WOE/WOI the sim itself simulates this perfectly, yet when the player uses a custom loadout from the aircraft_loadout.ini, the mavericks are placed on both outside attachments of the LAU-88.


I modified the existing LAU-88 by removing the inner attachment-point and keeping the outer and bottom attachment. The only prerequisite is that you have the original LAU-88A object.


Happy Flying




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