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  1. addiction

    The last week I haven't played any flight simulation. My addiction is getting the better of me. But now I discovered a group of friends suffering from the same disease and who are willing to stick together. Please help us http://kingalbertstories.blogspot.com/2008/10/addiction.html Thank you for your support
  2. for the last couple of days I have been testing the campaign with VF-32. You can read a full report on my blog, but I already discovered some items i need to fix: 1/ no weapons for certain aircraft 2/ target area out of bound 3/ end screens not working properly Below are some ingame action shots (did you notice who's the pilot?).
  3. I made another weekly update on my blog. This time it's not directly about the sim but about the tools I use: 1. Notepad 2. Pen and Paper 3. ToDoList (I did hide the terrain reference, since I still want to keep it secret ) Happy Flying
  4. This is the link to the original tutorial I wrote (with the A-7 as example): http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=21129 PM or post if something is not clear,
  5. I just like to share this video: Carrier Trials - Mirage Factory F-14's aboard Digital-Overloads CVN-75
  6. Another update on this campaign. Using the CVN-75 from Digital-Overload the US Navy is ready for some action and I have a short movie to proof it. Just click on one of the icons below for the version you want. -> goto my blog and watch the embedded movie (at the bottom of the post) -> download from filefront Happy Flying
  7. follow this link: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=21129 It's the original tutorial I wrote. If you have questions or need help, PM me.
  8. Nice movie tflash! What's the name of that song? May I also make some suggestions (most of it are comments I got myself when making movies) 1/ avoid mouse panning 2/ outside views: the stock views available in the thirdwire sims are limited, but with a little bit of work[/ you can add additional views which allow you to "place camera's" underneath wings, above cockpits etc. The thirdwire sims are not easy for moviemaking (certainly compared to il-2 and lomac) but your movie is proof it can be done.
  9. Did you know that Wings Over Europe contains a carrier and you don't need a copy of WOV to use it! You can install the carrier but it will require some work. First you will need a cat file extractor. Step 1 If you use the extractor to view the object cat file (\objects\objectdata.cat) you will find a series of files that start with CV-63 or CV63. Extract all these files and drop them into a newly created directory CVA-63 (which you should create in \Objects\GroundObject\). Step 2 Create a file in that directory which you call CVA-63.ini, this file is required to tell the game where it can find the different lod's and bmp's for the carrier. Step 3 In that CVA-63.ini you need to paste following data: [GroundObjectData] ObjectName=CVA-63 ObjectFullName=CVA-63 ObjectDataFile=CVA-63_DATA.INI [LOD001] Filename=CV-63.LOD Distance=600 [LOD002] Filename=CV-63_LOD002.LOD Distance=800 [LOD003] Filename=CV-63_LOD003.LOD Distance=1000 [LOD004] Filename=CV-63_LOD004.LOD Distance=2000 [LOD005] Filename=CV-63_LOD005.LOD Distance=15000 [LOD006] Filename=CV-63_LOD006.LOD Distance=30000 [Shadow] CastShadow=FALSE ShadowLOD=CV-63_SHADOW.SHD ShadowType=1 ShadowCastDist=10000 MaxVisibleDistance=150 Step 4 To install the carriers in a campaign or or single mission follow these instructions and now you can fly from carriers in WOE without needing a copy of WOV. PS1 A tutorial for the cat extractor can be found here. PS2 I did not test this for Strike Fighters or WOI, have a look in their cat files and you might be lucky. PS3 Here is proof that this method worked, after installation I made a short flight off the decks of the Kitty Hawk.
  10. thx malibu43 for your comment, don't worry I don't perceive them as negative I know that there is a team working on a desert storm mod and it's not my intention to go into direct competition with them. First of all they are in a group and I am all alone and surely their combined experience will outweigh my experience. The main reason for not including a ground campaign is that I am working on my own: I don't have others to fall back on for guidance or testing, so those parts of the campaign where I am not proficient enough or lack time to test, are cut. But that does not mean that CAS missions will disappear. I know that F-111's went on tank-plinking missions during the Gulf War, destroying fixed Iraqi tank positions. Those kind of missions are on my agenda, but i think they will fall under strike missions. Another form of CAS are missions to support Special Forces, stuck behind enemy lines. Again I will have to check how I can encorporate these kind of missions. As for my schedule, this is the route i want to take: 1/ install allied aircraft (I am busy doing that) 2/ install enemy aircraft 3/ install/edit ground units (SAM, AAA etc) on the terrain 4/ add additional scenery on the terrain 5/ figure out how to install those special missions (tank plinking, SF support) 6/ test the allied side 7/ test the red side (because some people showed interest in a red flyable campaign) 8/ write the manual (yep I intend to write an Allied Manual,an enemy order of battle and a weapons manual) 9/ release the damn thing Oh yeah and I want to post from time to time on my blog too.
  11. PILOTSKINS For my campaign I use AmokFloo's Western Style Pilot Models. You can read more on why and how I use his work to customize squadrons and aircraft on my blog. If you want an overview of all campaign articles I wrote or will write, visit the WIP¨- Unamed Campaign Page. Here are some images of the different pilotskins I created using AmakFloo's models.
  12. I started working on my second campaign for the thirdwire series. Instead of creating a topic, each time I have to announce something, I would use this single topic to make the announcements while the full articles would be published on my blog. unlike my previous campaign I started of with writing a design document. For the time being I won't reveal neither exact timeframe or location of the campaign, but I can already divulge that the Tomcat will be included.
  13. Postmortems are part of most sowtware development processes. I did the same for my WOE:BC campaign. The full postmortem is available on my blog but I wanted to post my conclusion to hear from the other campaign developpers. Based on what went right and wrong, my next campaign should follow these rules: 1/ 3rd party terrain: the terrain should be available at combat ace, so that all iterations of SF and WOx can play the campaign 2/ aircraft: same as the terrain, all aircraft should be part of the stocklist of all SF/WOx iterations or should be available at combat ace 3/ limited choice of aircraft: the player should only be able to choose out of a limited number of aircraft, with as few squadrons as possible, yet the number of aircraft types should be as wide as possible. 4/ small size enemy: the enemy too must have a limited number of aircraft (both in quantity and versions) 5/ short duration: the campaign should be short, both from a testing pov as to invite the player to replay the campaign with all the aircraft. 6/ Unique Aircraft: Aircraft have to be challenging. Each different iterations of the game comes with the run of the mill aircraft (F-15, F-4, F-16) for which most players have the "been there - done that" feeling. Aircraft should be special ie carrier operations with F-14, bomb runs with F-15E etc. 7/ Red Side possibility: The player should be able to fly also on the red side. The campaign might be developped for the blue side, but we should not deny the player the chance of being the bad guy.
  14. Since everybody will start using the latest patches (either just while flying or to verify current mod compatibility), it might be usefull to gather all the entry changes that appear in the different ini's and, if possible, document their impact on the game. Nations.ini (below GenderRatio) DebriefSuccessMusic=DebriefSuccess.wav DebriefFailMusic=DebriefFail.wav DebriefKilledMusic=DebriefKilled.wav SpeechFile=USAFSpeech.cat SpeechTextFile=USAFSpeechText.str ActiveDate=1998 AlternateDecal=Pakistan_OLD47 StartDate=1947 campaign_data.ini (below StartAirDefenseLevel) AllowRandomAceCreation=TRUE

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