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Had intended elaborating on reduced bullet mass, ie, Gundata 65% files etc, in AI WIP thread but it was getting a bit long....however, its worth explaining a bit more tho.


Firstly, it doesn't always work for everything. It doesn't work well for the stock game FMs. The reason is that the AI aren't as capable or as good shots say as my FMs/AI. Its improved greatly in the newer versions of FE, but AI versus AI dogfights in a stock game can be a sorry sight to watch IMO. They have trouble lining up, and bringing down planes and hence reducing gun effectiveness makes it worse. I'll admit I don't play stock anything much anymore, but thats been my experience.


Its not the case with my FMs. Reducing gun effectiveness here actually greatly improves the game in many ways, some not so obvious. Its funny, its a minor change, but a biggie. I've been using it for over a year, so....


AI versus AI fights are fine, The AI actually have no trouble in shooting down other AI, they are capable and they are good shots. There is a distinction here, capable means being able to line up a plane to fire. The distinction is important when it comes to 2-seaters with gunners. Results vary in AI versus AI fights to total wipeouts to only a couple of losses depending on many factors (skill, planes, relative numbers on different sides). The AI are so effective, for example, that while pursuing a EA I'm sometimes joined by other wingmates that end up dispatching the EA before me...its very heartening, you do feel you have a team, adds to immersion. With my FMs, if you use 100% bullet mass ie, stock, all AI vs AI fights will result in significant casualties.


2-Seaters are still lethal and tend to decimate any AI attack, and of course dangerous for you. They are good shots too. The difference is that as the attacking AI are good shots BUT are also more capable in setting themselves up for a shot, they tend to be more succesful. From the player perspective you have a better chance too, you can take more damage - the ai are good shots but do not necessarily hit critical areas. In addition I have reduced the time the rear gunners fire, which when using reduced gundamage files works well. Overall result is that 2-seaters are still dangerous but there is a better balance IMO, for the player and attacking AI. Not perfect but definitely better. There is another step that can be taken, creating special guns for 2-seaters, with even further reduced mass, and also reducing accuracy, and at one time did that for my own game, but just gets a bit more complex.


With bullet mass at 65%, it does mean its harder bringing down a plane. You need to aim for the engine, pilot and/or fuel tank. Some planes that "seem" hard to bring down are so as the fuel tank is in front of the pilot, and its harder to hit. And any shot to nose etc is harder, due to lead for deflection and bullet trajectory, so you need to get close. It can take a few shots, as per Fonck, but can take many shots as you improve marksmanship. IMO its a feature, an improvement, just takes a lil getting used too.


More realistic to me, more a challenge, and is an advantage for the player. The AI don't aim at criticall bits, that just aim at the plane, so you can survive better. You are often shot at from other planes especially in campaigns as you are preoccuppied or are surprised, and this gives you a chance, as in reading real life experiences, of hard breaking, using rudder, even trying to spin the plane, to shake the attacker (there not always easily shaken), when you first are aware bullets are coming your way.


There is a significant difference in 1 gun and 2 guns with reduced gundata files. Perhaps reasons why planes such as the Bristol M1c, Tripe and Hanriot weren't as popular as they supposedly should have been? The allies were very keen by mid 1917 to have 2 gun planes. You appreciate the extra firepower, with stock settings make no difference to me.


Damage effects are nowhere near as extravagant. You can shoot off wings etc off some planes, certainly tails and stabs, but its harder. Seems far less arcadish. so you do get bits coming off, but its not the norm.


It is a very significant improvement to me, and redresses many issues I had in the game since it first came out.. And for a simple change. But again, it only works really well for AI that are capable. You get the best of both that way.


Also, 65% bullet mass is about perfect for me, but reducing/increasing by 5% may suit you better. 5% makes quite a difference.

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