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Something the experienced modders might already have noticed but I'll post it anyway.


In the campaign I am developping (link), I am using a number of aircraft that fly only one specific mission type (ie. F-4G flies only SEAD missions). While testing the campaign I discovered that my F-4G wing always got reconnaissance missions. Yet I had not set recon as a possible mission type either in the campaign files or in the aircraft data file.


Initially I thought I made a screw up in one of the files, since another wing of F-111 with only strike missions worked smoothly. After flying several reconnaissance missions in my F-4G, I finally got a SEAD mission and my penny dropped.


If you have a squadron, flying only on specific missiontype, and the campaign engine is not able to generate such a mission (for whathever reason - that's still a mystery to me), you will automatically get a reconnaissance mission.


Although this is unavoidable I suggest following actions when building a campaign:

1/ make sure each aircraft has a recon-loadout

2/ look where the briefing text is stored and try to edit it for reconnaissance missions


If somebody found another solution, I'd be happy to hear about it.


happy flying


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