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invincible FE2b

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I found some time and installed Peter's new FM pack with all airplanes. Great stuff, just fantastic!


But I have a question regarding the Farman FE2b - it seems invincible to me. I fired a whole of my Eindecker's ammo into one and it didn't crash or burn. Only the texture of the plane was damaged but the aircraft itself flew nicely home as I ran out of ammunition. So, is it a known bug? I mostly fired the engine and cockpit area.

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Hi Dagaith, thanks for posting.


It is true that the Fe2b can take quite a bit of damage, and did this mainly for player.


Sometimes it looks as if its been attacked by a deranged Hole-Puncher, but flying fine :). I seriously doubt a player would survive very long in this plane if it couldn't take damage (true of F2b too).


Did try it again, and you can flame it easily enough even with a 1 gun plane, or hit the pilot, but if you don't hit the critical bits your wasting ammo.


A difficulty hitting the critical bits is that the AI is a bit too nimble for a big, old pusher, and its hard to get a long burst in the small area in the front and engine as it jumps around (engines do take a few shots). So thanks for post, as I'll redo the AI (doing it for some other early planes too), as a Pusher with few critical bits, and a big plane that probably could sustain damage, i think thats how it should be, just slow down the AI. Doing that, also means player can still take damage.


But if you want to reduce its ability to sustain damage, change the line:








I usually use 25, 27 makes it tougher.



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Ok, it's good to know that it can be shot down :)

I'll try again, too. Will try to concentrate my fire on the pilot and perhaps change the armor thickness value.



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