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Vlad Suglobov

Official Fair Strike Demo Released

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G5 Software released an Official Fair Strike Demo.


The demo features two flyable helicopters Ka-50 Hokum and AH-64A Apache, three playable single-player missions, and one Deathmatch map playable over LAN with up to four players.


The demo is available from 3DGamers.com:



Also available from Gamershell.com:



Also available from publisher's site:



Latest screenshots and information about the game on developer's site:




Fair Strike Demo Readme




© 2003 G5 Software

© 2003 Buka Entertainment


Developed by G5 Software

Published by Buka Entertainment

Release date Q4 2003




[1] Description


This is a demo version of Fair Strike, helicopter action\simulation game. Fair Strike features action game play and switcheable realistic\action controls, flight and damage models.


There are two flyable helicopters in this demo: Ka-50 Hokum and AH-64a Apache. The full version of Fair Strike provides six flyable helicopters.


There are three missions available in this demo, in the first and second campaigns: "Invasion", "Seasonable Aid", "River Convoy". The full version of Fair Strike provides four campaigns and 30 single-player missions.


This demo allows you to try out the Deathmatch mode on the "DM Carribean fourth" map over the LAN with up to four players.

The full version of Fair Strike features eight multiplayer maps, as well as Team Assault and Cooperative multiplayer modes.


Fair Strike features:

- Adjustable flight and damage models that can be anything in between "action" and "hardcore". "Action" mode features FPS-like controls, while "hardcore" mode precisely models helicopter physics.

- First person, third person and cockpit views.

- Six flyable helicopters: Ka-50 Hokum A, Ka-50 Hokum B, classified concept Ka-58 "Black Ghost", Ah-64A Apache, PAH-2 Tiger, RAH-66 Comanche. Two support transport helicopters: UH-60 Black Hawk and Ka-60.

- The involvement of the insiders from Russian helicopter industry in the game design and development process.

- Detailed replication of helicopter physics and avionics.

- Four action-saturated campaigns in four "hot spots" of the Earth: Caribbean Region, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Middle East.

- Up to three wingmen during the mission.

- The ability to select the helicopter and weapons before the mission.

- The ability to select the helicopters and weapons for your wingmen before the mission.

- The ability to issue orders to wingmen during the mission.

- Virtual co-pilot when piloting two-seater helicopters.

- Fire support from ground and naval artillery.

- Multiplayer modes: death match, team assault, and cooperative via LAN or Internet.

- The ability to customize the look of your helicopter in multiplayer modes.

- More than a hundred of different ground structures, tens of different types of ground and naval units, several types of infantry.

- Spectacular graphics.






Windows 2000, Windows XP

733 MHz Intel or AMD processor


670 MB hard disk space

64MB GeForce2 or Radeon video card

Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Windows compatible sound card






Windows XP

Pentium 4 2.4GHz processor or AMD equivalent


670 MB hard disk space

GeForce4 Ti 4600 video card

Windows compatible sound card

Microsoft DirectX 9.0





[4] Controls


To switch between action and simulation modes main game menu:



Simulation mode controls:


E - start the engine

+/- - increse/decrease revs

* - maximum revs

G - landing gear control

0 – decrease collective pitch

. – increase collective pitch

Z/X or joystick button 3 - switch weapons

Left Shift - change weapon mode

T - activate external weapon in case it is available in the mission

joystick button - fire weapon

F - flares

Tab - switch between enemy targets

joystick Button 2 - select nearest target

C - switch between allied targets

V - select nearest allied target

N - switch between waypoints


Action mode controls



cursor keys - strafes, forward and backward

Right Shift - increase altitude

Right Ctrl - decrease altitude

* - maximum flight speed

/ - minimum flight speed

Z/X or mouse wheel - switch the weaponry

Left Shift or mouse3 - change weapon mode

T - activate external weapon (if available in the mission)

Lmouse - fire weapon

F - flares

C - switch between allied targets

V - select nearest allied target

N - switch between waypoints


Cockpit view controls



numpad keys/joystick POV - view cockpit

numpad 5 - toggle HUD zoom

[/] - map scale control

M - turn map on/off

R - turn on/off radar

,/. - MFD mode

B - radar surveillance and searching system screen mode


Wingmen control menu


1,2,3 - opens command menu of the corresponding wingman (if available)




F3 - console

F6 - make a screenshot (if in window mode)

F10 - quick exit




[5] Known bugs and possible problems


- Alt-Tab may crash the demo

- text translation inaccuracy

- some sound effects are temporary

- complete voice-over integration is planned in November 2003

- possible minor flight physics bugs with some joystick models

- possible flight physics bugs in simulator mode w/o joystick

- force feedback is not tuned yet






Q: I have a video card with less than 32MB of memory on it. Can I play Fair Strike Demo?

A: Fair Strike Demo requires a video card with at least 32MB of memory on it. You need to upgrade your video card to play Fair Strike Demo.


Q: I have a 3Dfx based card. Will Fair Strike Demo run with this card?

A: No. You need to upgrade your video card to play Fair Strike Demo.


Q: 1280x1024 mode runs slow.

A: This mode only runs fast enough on Geforce3 and Geforce4 cards.


Q: Game gives an error message saying that I'm out of memory.

A: You need more virtual memory. Try selecting Control Panel, then System, then Performance, then Virtual Memory. It is best to change this setting so that Windows manages virtual memory.


Q: Fair Strike Demo loads not as quickly as I would like.

A: Add more RAM to your computer. The more RAM that you have, within reasonable limits, the faster Fair Strike will load and run.


Q: I have DirectX 8.1 installed. Will Fair Strike Demo run?

A: No. DirectX 9 or higher is required.


Q: Do you support Open GL?

A: No.






Please note that this demo is not a final product, and this demo quality and performance do not represent the quality and performance of the final product, which we still have time to improve.






For more information about the game please visit:


http://www.fair-strike.com -- Fair Strike web-site

http://www.g5software.com -- G5 Software web-site

http://www.buka.com -- Buka Entertainment web-site




[9] Contacts


Please route all game feedback to G5 Software: contact@g5software.com,

and Fair Strike producer at Buka Entertainment Ivan Bunakov: bivan@buka.ru


More publisher contacts:


PR Manager jg@buka.ru

International Sales Manager kroksana@buka.ru

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