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Jokers Wild Squadron Recruiting Jokers!!

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The Jokers Wild Squadron is currently taking on pilots who enjoy IL2 FB and Jet Flightsims. The JW likes to horse around and have a good time while smoking the enemy. We value a good laugh over a kill anytime but don't get me wrong I never said we suck either because we are usually laughing because we just smoked someone, hell we even laugh when we get killed.




1. Have a damn good time

2. Enjoy smoking the enemy

3. Protect TrashMan's Jack 'n' Coke :P

4. Can't be a SISSY LA LA :angry:

5. Must be able to laugh

6. Be able to joke around on comms ie; Ventrilo, Teamspeak

7. Protect your wingman

8. Enjoy the hell out of flightsims


So do you meet these requirements? Well if you do then great and if ya dont go play PONG!! The JW are currently playing the hell out of IL2 Forgotten Battles and working the kinks out of our dedicated server supplied by Clanequipment.com who have killer ping rates. Well that's it so WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR and go fill out an application at the JW site!! GEEZ ARE YOU STILL READING THIS..........DAMN ARE YOU CHECKING FOR SPELLING ERRORS OR SOMETHING OR ARE ONE OF THOSE GUYS WHO JUST READS FORUMS ALL THE TIME?


The Jokers Wild Squadron is waiting for you.


The site http://www.jwsquad.com/

The application http://www.jwsquad.com/modules.php?name=Application

To get a hold of TrashMan on MSN Messenger: trashman@jwsquad.com

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