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  1. Anybody know anything 'bout wedding rings?

    where's my gun..........
  2. Well the server works great in Hyperlobby but it still manages to direct itself to the origional IL2 FB lobby. People can join the server with the client 3.02 patch but they need to direct themselves to the earlier mentioned lobby. I know it sounds odd and stupid but ever since AEP came out the dedicated servers at UBI have been messed up. Anyhoo the JW have been hosting at HL now with a session named _BigHooters3.02 which is a combined FB+AEP+PF server. We had a blast last night with around 20 people in there. Our maps are crazy and designed to give peeps protection against vulching and we tend to use easy settings because it make the game faster and more intense. Here's a our breif at the start of the game.... JWsquad.com is where we're at. Welcome to another one of those crazy maps made by TrashMan!! This map is set up for having fun and goofing off, not for realism. READ THESE RULES BEFORE PLAYING!!! 1. VULCHING IS ALLOWED!! 2. VULCHING IS ALLOWED!! 3. NO BITCHING ABOUT VULCHING!! 4. You must have fun!! 5. Don't shoot your wingman. 6. Work as a team and help each other. 7. Don't switch sides just so you can shoot the guy who has been shooting you over and over again because you suck. That person just tries harder than you and practices. 8. If you don't like the way things are going then get some damn tissue to dry your eyes and leave the game, no one likes a cry baby. 9. Drink Jack and Coke to improve your aim. IF THESE RULES ARE NOT FOLLOWED YOU WILL BE KICKED FROM THE GAME SO OTHERS CAN HAVE FUN!!! If anyone finds out later that they enjoyed being here and had a good time then maybe you should join the Jokers Wild Squadron because that's our goal. JWSQUAD.COM is where you can apply or leave comments. Thanks and come again.....
  3. Is this a service pack to Strike Fighters or is it SF with out all the MOTHER @$$%@$@!!!! bugs it had? I mean geez SF left me really bitter for that company and no one programmer/designer is to blame for that one. So I ask this question because I could vary easily put this money towards a tank of gasoline for one of my 3 trucks/SUVs or I could waste it on another Thirdwire flopper. The ONLY thing cool about SF was the open ability to add and design planes because the game was unlocked and if thats what WOV is going to focus on then I will be passing on it. I need input man!! Top 10 Questions 1. How many maps?? Don't say just one. 2. Do the radars work correctly? Hate those static "do nothing" radars. 3. Does it look better than SF? 4. Are the carriers functional? Well in patch 1.XX we will have lights and...... 5. Jack Daniels has never let me down, what about WOV......will it? 6. YAWN!! 7. Are the planes basketballs on the ground? 8. Are patches going to take 2yrs to release? 9. Geez WTH did I do with that Strike Fighters game. --Last but not forgotten-- 10. CTDs!!!!!!! GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY FLUSH MY DONKEY NUTTS DOWN THE TOILET WHILE I AM READING MY CABELA'S CATALOG, THOSE CTDS PISSED ME OFF!!! Well that's all for now.......need input please. Yours truly, The TrrashMan
  4. .....and to think that all I worry about is getting into a scrap against 3 planes while my squadmates hussle to bail me out.
  5. Breakin News from Iraq

    ......still laughing
  6. USAF with SP2

    I know this is the wrong forum for this question but has anyone tried USAF with SP2 to see if it is works better with WinXP now? I posted here because I thought I would get a quicker response.
  7. Well I've been using CH Products since 1994 and have had ZERO problems with them. The company is great to work with which is located in San Diego, CA. and they even searched their personal inventory at one time for a old Pro Throttle Gameport version when I couldn't find one anywhere. Needless to say I ended up buying all new USB equipment in 2000 when I finally got tired of doing a dual boot so I could use the software for the gameport version equipment. LOL I currently own 1 CH Gameport Throttle, 1 Gameport Pro Throttle, 1 USB Pro Throttle, 1 Gameport F-16 Combatstick, 1 USB Gameport F-16 Combatstick, 1 Gameport CH Peddles, 1 Gameport Pro Peddles, and last but not least 1 USB Pro Peddles. All this equipment works just like it came out of the box and feels very strong when using compared to the Cougar stuff. I knew a guy that bought the Cougar equipment and of course saved some money going that route but ended up returning the throttle and flightstick because of slop issues. CH Products will let you buy the potentiometers or what ever might have broke in your equipment just so you dont have to either send it off or maybe buy new equipment. I have spent way too many sim hours on my equipment and it has never ever felt like it is failing or left me wishing I purchased something else. The stuff is strong and durable and doesn't feel cheesey which is why they are so proud of their prices because they stand behind what they build. One can shop around the Internet and find killer deals on this equipment and save a bundle.....DO NOT TRY AND BUY IT FROM THEIR WEBSITE, those prices are crazy.
  8. The views are very important in the game. If you find yourself losing quite often in a turning fight it's because of not using the views.
  9. Oh and I cant forget my ever so infamous/famous skin that some people might have seen or might have been smoked by............. And no I am not a taxi cab driver.........just think its funny.
  10. Favorite Movie Gunfights?

    Anything with Elmer Fudd!!!
  11. Hey we at the Jokers Wild play IL2 FB way too much on UBI. We have a server going a lot and the maps I make are great as I have been told too often. Our server is set to chimp level but thats only because we like to have a good time and want everyone of all abilities in there. LOL we really use teamwork when we fly which makes some people pissed off and of course then they call us cheaters.......bunch of sissy la las. We also play LOMAC from time to time but most of the squad are still having issues with supporting LOMAC because of the resource demands. Look for us at UBI.
  12. Favorite Movie Gunfights?

    Well I must say that Desperado with Antonio Banderas had a bunch of shoot outs lol. Even that bed seen with Selma Hyak was a very saucy seen LMAO!! Yes, the show was totally fake but damn it didnt cost that much to make and kept me glued to it.
  13. The Wreckage Of Senator Clinton's Aircraft

    Oh geez........hmm is it dove season?

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