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Nick Tselepides

A-7e Colors

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:) :D Navychief, Column 5 :) , and all Navair lovers:


Here is what I scanned from the Kokufan on the A-7. I hope that Marc Czygan sees this and some others who make repaints for fs2002 and for SFP1 and that they like them enough ti do some repaints.


:D Navychief: I will prepare a short tutorial for all those who want to set up flights that start behind the carrierin FS2002, so they can immediately change to a Navy plane and try to trap aborad. You will start the flight about 3 miles behind the boat, more or less line up, and you can use it for carrier practice. I already have the screenies for the tutorial--I need to write it sometime this weekend, and will post it in this forum. By then you may have fs2002 and Arrcab carriers installed--let us hope.


:) Heading west, clean configuration, F-14 of Tomcatters, CV-67 with cables ready and waiting, calm sea, 12.35 local time, divert field is Kywait Intl, 25 miles from carrier... Can see the ship on the GPs scope.


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