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Rotor Blade Downwash On Terrain

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Hey, I'm tryng to figure out a problem I've been having in FS2K4...I can't get the dispaly to show a "downwash" effect anynoe while a helicopter flys over terrain low to the ground. I used to see it happen, and now it doesn't create the efffect anymore. I'm running with most every maxed out in my setup displays, including special effects. I have a high end system, with an ATI 9600 Pro...so it's not the problem. Is there a keystroke that was maybe turned off? ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

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Guest MrMudd

You need to check to see what your "Target Framerate" is set to.


What this does is try to provide you the best Frames per second you specify. If the Object load is higher than your Cpu-Video-Memory can handle, then it will not load that specific setting you require.


I am Running the 9800 Pro 128 and have my FPS Set at 3- FPS with max settings.


When i fly in an area that is high in Requirements, Cities for example, i will start loseing buildings and other features. This could be the case with your setup.


The best option is to fly where there is no excesive object features, also decrease your Object scaling down until you get the desired effects back.

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