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  1. Hey, I'm tryng to figure out a problem I've been having in FS2K4...I can't get the dispaly to show a "downwash" effect anynoe while a helicopter flys over terrain low to the ground. I used to see it happen, and now it doesn't create the efffect anymore. I'm running with most every maxed out in my setup displays, including special effects. I have a high end system, with an ATI 9600 Pro...so it's not the problem. Is there a keystroke that was maybe turned off? ANy help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi...I'm new to this sim, and although I think I can really get into this filght sim, right now it's way too slow, as far as frame rates go. I've updated the sim with the current patch, but still get crummy frame rates. My system isn't the problem I don't think...here's my specs: 1.3 Ghz Pentium 4 384 MB Ram/Rambus ATI 9000 Video Card WD 120 Gig Hd Any suggestions?
  3. Dice What are ya,? an engine guy? Where are you now? Davis Monathan?..Man, I miss my days working with the Hog drivers...I'm a former Intel guy, worked with the drivers back in 88-91..my office was right on the flight line at Alconbury...watched em coem and go, along with those shakey TR-1's...back to U2's now...
  4. Hey Andy...I'm new to the forum, but sounds like you were/are a Hog driver in your day? Know any of the guys from RAF Alconbury back in 1988-1991?...509th 511th drivers?...Dar Kemp...G Waltering?... I was a Targeting guy for the 509th back then...lots of great memories.

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