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Brit & Swed Jet Sounds

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Brit & Swed Jet Sounds

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These sounds are recorded from real aircrafts.


Meteor NF11 = Rolls-Royce Derwent RB.37 Mk.8

Vampire = De Havilland Goblin DGu.3

Venom FB1 = De Havilland Ghost 103

Hunter F.6 = Rolls-Royce Avon RA.28 Mk.207

Lightning F.6 = Rolls-Royce Avon RB.146 Mk.302

Canberra = Rolls-Royce Avon RA.3 Mk.109

Buccaneer S.2 = Rolls-Royce Spey RB.168-1A RSp.2 Mk.101

Harrier GR7 = Rolls-Royce Pegasus 11-61 Mk.107

Pahntom FGR2 = Rolls-Royce Spey RB.168-25R RSp.2 Mk.203

Tornado ADV = Turbo Union RB.199-34R-04 Mk.104

Tornado IDS = Turbo Union RB.199-34R-04 Mk.101

J-29F = De Havilland RM2B (Ghost)

J-35J = Rolls-Royce RM6C (Avon)

JA-37 = Volvo RM8B (JT-8D)

JAS-39 = Volvo RM12 (F404)



These sounds are loud and more important FREEWARE!


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GOOD WORK! how about Mig-19 sound?


I would be glad to add the sound for the Mig-19 but I have not found any video with the original audio... If you know where to find it....


Anyway there are more sounds in the line....

Jets: Victor B2, Vulcan, KC-135A, KC-135E, Galeb, Orao, G.91R, G.91Y, Tu-22M3.

Props: C-119, C-123, P2V with & without auxiliary turbojets.

Helos: Mi-24, UH-1 (various), SH-3.

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Buccaneer?!? I have not seen a brick/banana mod for WOE....though they would be at the front if hostilities would have broken out :P

Any idea where there is one? :3

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Any luck with an Adour sound for the Jag?


Thanks for the rest of the pack. It's an awesome sense of immersion having various engine sounds.



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