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This is great news for all you BF1942 Fans! The Mod Development Toolkit (MDT) is a complete package that will allow you to change current in-game physics, or you can let your mind run away and create an entirely new MOD for the game. Here's a snippet:


Now available for Battlefield 1942, the Mod Development Toolkit (MDT) is a powerful tool suite that lets you create your own customized version of Battlefield 1942. Change particle physics and damage to create an ultra-realistic feel, turn down gravity for otherworldly gameplay, and much more. You can even use the MDT to create your own, complete mod, anything from a racing sim to a futuristic space combat sim to who knows what? You might even create the next Desert Combat.


The tools in the Battlefield 1942 MDT are designed for users of all abilities. It helps to have some basic knowledge of mods and game design, but even if you are a complete beginner, the MDT includes detailed tutorials on how to change most aspects of the game. From making slight changes to the existing game to using the scripting system to build your own mod from scratch, the text tutorials take you from beginning customization to advanced mod design. In addition to the text tutorials, there are several video tutorials showing you how the mod process works from start to finish.


With all this, plus upcoming support for rendering your own models for use in the game, you’ll have most everything you need to create the ultimate battlefield. What are you waiting for, soldier?



You can DOWNLOAD the MDT: BF1942 MDT KIT


EA has also released more screenshots of the upcoming Battlefield: Vietnam...Here's a few:







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