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MiG-31M & update for MiG-31BM


Model - 101TFS + Wrench ini update


Sound by Spillone104


Cockpit by Erwin_Hans (F-8IIM-Early-96 cockpit)


Radar Screen by Veltro2K


changes between MiG-31B(1990) & Mig-31M(~1995-1997):


- New powerful R-37 missile


- 6 Fuselage pylons for AHM (R-33S or R-37)


- 4 wing pylons for R-77(M,T) & R-73


- ECM pylons on wings (fuselage ECM removed)


- new Engine D-30F-6M (SLThrustDry=91000.0 SLThrustWet=165000.0)


- Gun removed


I re-calculated Engine tables. some other values changed.


Use F-8IIM early cockpit like very compatible (see photos ), it can alse used for MiG-31 & Mig-31B(BS)


Updated ini & cokpit for MiG-31BM are included.


About weapons: plane used PTB-2500 ft, R-37, R-77M,T from my weapons pack, but i include updated ini for this + R-33S ini. To many R-33 versions exist in CA site, include one of this, sorry i forget who is autor, so sorry for this. I include my weapons in this pack. Alternative Russian A-A missiles ini included. (added more variants R-73 Export only & non export for expl & some others)

Note R-33S is more powerful version of R-33 (160 km range), created for MiG-31B(BS) in 1985-90


MiG-31M was created in 1990-1997 (small serie - 6 planes), It was accepted to refuse the PURE interceptor in favour of multipurpose BM. However recently the capability of modernisation of part MiG-31B in MiG-31M is discussed.


P.S. Just kill 2 F-16MLU at 219km & 165Km Range...


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Do you have those EMS pods on the loadout BMP of the M?! Or should I create them?! they looks cool. The M version is a beast! I shoot nearly every US bird down with those improved Amos missikes. Its fast, great radar and strong armament, very nice job on this only sad thing is, there are no canopy parts wich could be changed. I repainted the skin a bit to match the one in your pic with the grey nose ;-P

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Yeah I liek your work, I can post later some pics of the skin .. it`s not changed the big way but it works for me, still working on it.


You have done a good work on this baby, could you maybe tease our chinese friend to develop a nice M version for us?! I don`t think it`s such a hard work and you have good connection to them.


Do you have anything for a Tu-95 RT?! or a Tu-22U/UD I`m finishing those birds, I want to have those trainers combatcapable

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IMPORTANT! please fix my error in Mig-31M_data.ini & MiG-31BM_data.ini





Reference Name=S-800Zaslon-M







Reference Name=S-800Zaslon-BM




in therwise Wingman can't launch AHM's

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