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Creating WOV icon question

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Hello there, I'm trying to make a WOV icon. I made one then decided to move the text around so that the little square box with an arrow inside that sits in the lower left hand side of the icon image wouldn't cover up the text. Unfortunatelty the dang arrow box still covers it up. But what's wierd is that it looks like the little box rearranges the text on my icon. I don't understand how it can do this to a fixed image. Because when I redid the text the second time, the text is in a totally different location as compared to the first attempt, but when I go to change the totally different icon, it appears as though it rearranged the text back to the way it was.


I restarted the computer as I first thought that somehow the new icon didn't register and windows was somehow selecting the old icon but its still the same.


Any ideas on this one?

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Nevermind. Thanks though. Something must have been messing with me. I deleted the icon I made from My Pictures and re-exported the image again to an icon but this time I saved it to the desktop. I changed the icon image for the game and it worked this time. I stuck the icon back into my pictures and tried rechanging the icon once again from this location and its still okay. Don't know what's up with that but its working now.

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