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  1. Godzilla

    I enjoyed it too. I was surprised of who the "real" enemy was in the movie. Maybe I'm slow or its just I only ever saw one preview of the movie. BTW I only spent $6 for my ticket.
  2. Thirdwire Download problem

    Sorry folks if this is the wrong place to post this question. I haven't been around for awhile. I gots me a problem accessing my Thirdwire products I've bought. I made copies of my SF2 and SF2V games onto an external hardrive a long time ago. My hard drive is not allowing me to access my games. I get error messages. I even saved my download codes to note pad text documents so I figured I redownload my games from Thirdwire but it will not even allow me to open up the text documents to get my codes. Unfortunately I've changed email addresses since I bought the games so I can't have Thirdwire email me my codes. Thirdwire has an option to contact them for help but it gives me an error saying that " cannot perform action because default email client not installed". I'm in a pickle here. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. OT Skyrim fans

    I'm really liking the Steam Workshop. Makes browsing and installing mods easy. Pretty nice setup. BTW, what music cd are you talking about Widowmaker?
  4. The Official Chuck Norris CA Thread

    Cuck Norris approves this message.
  5. The Official Chuck Norris CA Thread

    Chuck Norris can withstand his own punch and its for the sake of others that he does this. The moment that he chooses not to withstand his own punch is when the appocalypse begins. p.s. Head shrink questions like these causes Chuck Norris to loose patience. Its a formula for disaster: impatience + Chuck Norris = appocalypse now
  6. Happy Independence Day US

    Happy Independence Day brothers and sisters. And thank you all for the kind words. Thank you all who serve to keep our nation safe and strong.
  7. The Official Chuck Norris CA Thread

    And he probes them with a boot to their azzes. And somewhere in the cosmos a little alien is building a mashed potato statue of a cowboy boot chanting "this means something".
  8. Wow.

    Where and when was this? South pacific late 40s?
  9. The Official Chuck Norris CA Thread

    LOL. Once insulted by an arrogant Italian tour guide, Chuck Norris round-house kicked him to the ground. The tower of Pisa now leans.
  10. Hey folks. With the new Cat extractor will we be able to isolate the music files and therefore be able to change the music for the different menus? I used to be able to change the music in series 1 but now I don't know how to do so. Thanks for any help and sorry for a reduntant topic.
  11. Call of Duty parody!

    "You cannot stop me unless the game goes into slow motion for some reason and I become easy to shoot. Oooohhh noooo!" lol
  12. "Breaking" News: Farting to be banned in Malawi.

    Last time I checked poiticians were human too. Perhaps that legislation will have some benefits for the people....

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