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Zvezda K-36D Ejector Seat

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Zvezda K-36D Ejector Seat

Next in my Seat Series, I proudly introduce you Zvezda K-36D.

Intended to use with Soviet/Russian stock pilots with The Trooper repaints.



Enjoy it!




El siguiente en mi serie de asientos, con orgullo les presento al Zvezda K-36D.

Pensado para ser usado con pilotos Soviéticos/Rusos con el repaint de The Trooper.





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Those with all batteries ALEJANDRO.

We are giving away these beautiful models my friend.

Hope for tomorrow using the PAMPA



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Tried on the mig-29,seat again is great,but the pilot head seems more inside on the pit,I've found the problem,is it possible lower the headrest a bit?This is generated by the same poistion of both pilot and seat,If i try to rise the pilot,harnesses comes inside him,so other way is modifying it,pilot use for purpose is one of the Trooper's ones,aniway is only a suggestion,nothing to critic your great work!

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I've tested this seat with Trooper's pilots in a couple of MiG-29s, and I've found that pilot's position in this plane(s) must be a little bit forward.



I don't know which '29 you are using, but I think the correct position must be as follow:


MinExtentPosition=-0.25, 5.91,-0.20
MaxExtentPosition= 0.25, 6.99, 0.92


Note Position=0.0,4.6,1.25 and SeatPosition=0.0,4.6,1.25.


The same values also works for any '29*. In example, look at the cockpit from above with "standar" values (0.0000,4.339,1.27) and you'll see that the pilot can't reach the panel, moreover if you make a comparison with any picture, you'll realise that the real pilot is well forward, and ingame one is too backward...



Don't know if this is what you were talking about...

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More realistic,but set height to 1.215,now all the headrest stays below canopy,at 1,25 if you look at headrest back yo notice that some parts remains out of cockpit a bit!

Thanks for replying!

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