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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to improve the look of my tomcat cockpit. I want to be able to see the hud and radar screen at the same time. I've got the look I want by setting my cockpit view to FOV 90 in the viewlist.ini and setting viewangle=0.0,-10.0,0.0 in the

F-14A_cockpi.ini. However, this has left me with a problem with the air to air gunsight, it is now positioned too low. On the other hand the air to ground gunsight is left uneffected by the changes and sits in the correct position. Is there any way of altering the position of the air to air gunsight to be in the same position as the air to ground gunsight while keeping the modified view angle. I'm using the F-14 cockpit with F-15 gunsights, hud and avionics. I've included two pictures below to show the problem.








Thanks from ross

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Using Eagle symbology on a 'Cat?! Have you no standards! Cat's all the way!


J/k, that's the best part of the game, doing what ya want. :yahoo:

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Haha, sorry bud, i'm actually using the F-4E RWR and the F-15 hud, makes for a nice package. I think I might have cracked this one. In the HUD if you change the AA from a LCOS symbol to a CCIP symbol it keeps the gunsight in the correct position while allowing to change view angles. So if you want to see the radar and the hud in the tomcat do as follows.


In the cockpit.ini change viewangles=0.0,-0.2,0.0 to viewangles=0.0,-10.0,0.0


In the AA symbol list in the avionics.ini change LCOS to CCIP and the gunsight will be in the correct place.


The tomcat is easily my favourite plane by far but the fact you couldn't see the radar screen and the HUD at the same time always frustrated me, i've found the above to be a way of cheating this problem without losing too much.


Hope others find this useful


Many thanks to the people who made all the origional components for the tomcat. I hope you do not take any offence at the adjustments I made.

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Nice job. :good:


don't have any suggestions for you. For myself, I like to keep the cockpits as close as realistic which isn't often the best for gameplay. You've got a nice combination there.

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