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Pfalz D.III And D.IIIa of Jasta 4

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Pfalz D.III And D.IIIa of Jasta 4

This is a Jasta 4 skin pack for the Pfalz D.III and D.IIIa.

there is one skin template for each model. All the custom markings(colors) are all created by decals.

There are very limited photos of Jasta4 Pfalz aircraft so I mixed some D.III and D.IIIa color schemes together.

The end result is a nice colorful Jasta. The colors and markings are based off of original photos. So they're close.


Now when you use (or fly against) these Jasta4 Pfalz D.III's and D.IIIa's you will see all these markings at random. All the time.


Thanks to the SFP1 Dev A-Team for the original Pfalz D.III and D.IIIa models. And thanks to Capu1950 for permission

to post new skin work.


Skin and decals by quack74.



Any problems please ONLY contact me not A-Team through PM or in the CombatAce forums.


Enjoy quack74


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