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F-15CJ Kai I Eagle

F-15CJ Kai I Eagle Version 1.0 2009


F-15CJ Kai Program


The F-15CJ Kai Improvement Program program made by Mitsubishi.


F-15CJ Kai is that a updated version of F-15CJ. The main updated part of F-15CJ Kai is updated AN/APG-63 to AN/APG-63(V)1fand the AAM-3 AAM-4,maybe AAM-5.


AAM-4 is a Japanese made Active Homing Missile based US AIM-7M,same to US Aim-120.


The ECM Jammer form J/ALQ-8 updated to J/ALQ-8 Kai,and RWR updated from J/APR-4 to J/APR-4 Kai


The first F-15CJ Kai first flown on 7 18, 2003.And in 2008, F-15CJ kai beganed mass product,and into sevice.


I Moded Dave's F-15CJ to F-15CJ kai type.






F-15CJ Eagle


Original Model by Flying Toaster


Additional Model Work by Wpnssgt


Flight Model by Fubar512


INI work by MJ and USAFMTL-----------I Moded some InI into F-15CJ Kai


Effects by Deuces


Sounds by Fubar512


Skins by Scrapper from Push to Far V1.3


Original F-15 Cockpit by Kesselbrut modified to an F-15C (BETA) by Wpnssgt


Avionics Iused WOE F-15A avionics enhancement v1.0 by Crusader


Weapon AAM-3,AAM-5 by Talos,AAM-4 by Jv44kt and Erwin_Hans



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